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Why Your Words Matter & How To Use Them To Flourish

My goal for this post is for you to gain insight into why it’s essential that we know why our words matter and how we can make the best use of them. As an amazing result, we get to flourish.

Let’s start from the beginning. Some of you may not agree with me on what I believe but I still think you can take away truth here.

God Spoke Words

This is why our words matter…

In the very beginning of creation, the Bible says that in Genesis 1 “God said” and “God spoke” as he was speaking creation into existence.  Over and over you hear this spoken, as God creates order and his plan.

words matter

When we speak things out, we have power to create order and growth or a harmful mess.  I think we can all relate to that. You say something that you think is going to be helpful but it actually ends more harmful.  Your intention may have been right but your words reflect something else.

This is why we need to be careful with our words- not only with ourselves but with others.  When we speak too soon, assuming the worst or we speak out of a wounded heart, we speak harm on ourselves and other people.

There is the saying “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”  If we understood and fully could grasp this, I think we would be a little more kind to each other. Our world would reflect it.

“Nice” implies we think less about ourselves and more about the other person. Ask yourself questions such as “how is what I’m saying going to benefit this person?” It’s ok if you mess up on the delivery but then if you do, correct it. Apologize and take responsibility for your words.

why words matter

We aren’t always going to say the “nice” thing but we should treat people with love and kindness. Ask yourself “would I want someone to say this to me?” before speaking it. Better yet ask yourself…would a loving God say this to another person?”

Our entire being was created to speak life as God did in the beginning. Click To Tweet He spoke everything we needed, creating a place for us to live and he even blessed it.  He knew full well what he was doing and you can see it in the order and plan that he established.

Get To Know People

When we get to really know people, we are able to pick up how we oughta talk to them and treat them. Our words give us the power to ask some amazing questions to really dive in and get to know the heart of a person. Click To Tweet

Social media today has a way of masking who we are and leaving us content in distant relationships.  We were never intended to be discontented from what God created.  God created life, man created phones.

Life gives us the opportunity to go try something new…like a new sport or learn a new language. Doing things like these with the people we love and care for, give us opportunities to speak life into them and create meaningful experiences.

Always Speak Words of Life to Yourself

This is an essential part of our life everyday for many reasons. How kind we are to ourselves is what will reflect in our relationships.  It’s natural at times to feel bad about ourselves. Life happens and it knocks us down. We question who we are and who we were created to be at times.

How we speak to ourselves manifests in our actions and words with people. Don’t believe me? Let’s try a little experiment.

your words matter

Put Your Words Into Action

For 30 days speak only positive words and affirmations to yourself. Look yourself in the mirror and say them with a smile.  Write kind words to yourself in your home, journals or wherever you can, for you to see and meditate on. Let me know your results.

What you think and speak eventually will be your actions. Where your focus, attention and passion is, will transform you- for the better or for the worse. For this reason be careful of the people who surround you.  This can be tricky cuz let’s be honest, people can be brutal. Finding amazing people can sometimes be challenging. Whole-hearted, confident people who practice self love through speaking kind words are people you want in your life.

God spoke life so now you can speak life. Yours and my words matter. What greater way to live, then giving that gift to another person. Let’s start (if not already) speaking words of life.

Be blessed & bless others,


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7 thoughts on “Why Your Words Matter & How To Use Them To Flourish

  1. I have spent the last year or so, really paying attention to my own thoughts and words that I use on a daily basis. Being more conscious and aware of words and how they impact my own life and people I have relationships with. Thanks for sharing <3

  2. I have always been a believer that nothing is more powerful than the tongue. And we have to be mindful of the words we speak from it.

  3. I love this article. Words really can have an effect over our lives and the lives of those around us. Speaking positive words helps to build people up around us. But negative ones can have an adverse affect. Thank you for sharing.

  4. We do need to be careful with what we say. Words certainly do matter. I’m one that usually thinks before I speak, but I can be more relaxed with family. Just a moment ago, I thought about saying something and then thought better about it.

  5. I agree that social media does have a way of distancing you from actual REAL relationships. I think there will be a social climate backlash and society will have issues connecting in person from use of these platforms. Years of therapy needed take to sort out the lack of connectivity and empathy on the future generations.

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