Why taking off our mask frees us to be our honest self

Photographer: Tee Gee Models: Andrea Ries & Myself

You are only free when you realize you belong no place- you belong every place- no place at all. The price is high. The reward is great. -Maya Angelou

For most, if not all of us in some point in time, have felt like an outsider. Not good enough, pretty enough, tough enough… fill in the blank. We fall short because we are human and expectations are unrealistic. Those negative things we tell ourselves or let others tell us can feel so true. Especially when our circumstances appear to feel real.

When this happens it can bring us to a dark place. The longer we experience the rejection and hurt of others, the more we are susceptible to putting on a mask to cover our true selves.

Photographer: Tee Gee Models: Andrea Ries & Myself

Sometimes we don’t even have to go very far to experience bullying. We can be the biggest bullies to ourselves. We say terrible things that are untrue and hold us back from being everything we were intended to be. Thoughts and words are so powerful. They have the power to heal or hurt.

Negative, degrading thoughts and words lead to terrible choices. Positive thoughts and words lead us to positive, healthy choices. Be aware of what you think and say to yourself and others. If you aren’t convinced try it and see the difference it makes in your life.

Photographer: Tee Gee Models: Andrea Ries & Myself

Our identity can get wrapped up into many things. It can get wrapped up into what we think we are or want to become. We can even let others tell us what and who we are.

Who and what you are is personal. I personally have found my identity as a daughter of God. It’s been the most beautiful realization for me. From that personal truth I have come to realize what’s important to me, as well as what and who I value.

When you open yourself up to truth and understanding you find yourself. I don’t think we will every get to a place where we completely understand this- we are human. The more we humbly dig for the right answers, we can discover who we are and who we were made to be.

I love the quote by Maya Angelou that says “you belong nowhere and everywhere.” We often have to stand alone and that’s ok. Not everyone is meant to be apart of your journey. Your identity is in where you belong. If you belong to yourself entirely then you know who you are, accept who you are and love yourself. When we do this we shine and thrive in life.

Part of walking in your identity and belonging to yourself is about guarding who and what we let into our lives. Click To Tweet Boundaries are meant to keep us and everyone else safe.

We need to be careful with who we allow in our lives. The closer you allow someone in your life, the stronger the influence. Their words can be held in high regard the more vulnerable you are in that relationship. One of my favorite sayings comes from Researcher, Author and Speaker Brene Brown…she says “you share your story with those who have earned the right to hear it.”

Photographer: Tee Gee Models: Andrea Ries & Myself

Don't just give your precious time, thoughts and vulnerabilities to those who are going to abuse it and leave you empty. Not everyone is deserving to belong in your life. Click To TweetA persons character and values will help you decide whether they get that opportunity.

What character qualities do you possess and what do you value? Our identity can get wrapped into many things that pose as healthy but can be destructive. This is why you need to be fully aware of what you listen to, watch and partake in. We live in a world that promotes selfishness.

Some of the messages are “buy that overly expensive car, it will make you look good” or “watch some porn it will gratify you sexually.” All of this self gratification does nothing for you. It actually feeds into selfishness, hinders relationships and takes away from us caring and helping others.

I often see social media posts of people posting tons of selfies. Some of them are all about looking fit all the time. I’m not saying there is anything wrong in being healthy, driven or focused. If your passion is health and fitness that is wonderful. You can be a positive influence in that area. However, if it consumes your life this can become a problem.

Do you value the likes, popularity and feelings of looking good or does it go deeper than that to help inspire people to be healthier? You lose your truest identity when you allow what you weigh, look like, accomplishments or any material thing to dictate who you are. Check your heart and motives behind what you do.

Photographer: Tee Gee Models: Andrea Ries & Myself

Don’t let anyone stop you from helping others make a difference in the world. As you go about belonging to your truest identity and influencing others, ask yourself…is this something that is going to help another person? How is it going to help them? If you have an audience- asking them about their perspective can be eye opening and helpful.

Know who you are, accept who you are and love yourself entirely. Then chose to be the same with those around you. Each of us was made to be great, we all just need to see it and embrace it everyday.

12 thoughts on “Why taking off our mask frees us to be our honest self

  1. This post really relates to me. I used to hide behind a mask and not be myself in front of people incase they didn’t like me. Now I just be myself and if they don’t like it they’re not supported to be in my life ?

  2. You are so right here! But it’s often easer said then done… I only take “all of my masks” off at home. Outside it’s easier to hide behind at least one…

  3. This is a great post that many can relate to, I feel this way quite often and wish I could find others who had similar interests and such to be-friend but sometimes it just seems impossible.

  4. Wow! This is a strong post.

    “Know who you are, accept who you are and love yourself entirely. ”

    Love this. Thank you for sharing

    Kit / DSM Tool

  5. Good read, I agree with it. I think I’m a realist so I relate to thing that way and live my life that way

  6. this is such an important post – authenticity is KEY! and I love the very creative photos you paired this with!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  7. This post is everything!! This is what I try and express on my blog as well because I feel so many people need to hear this…Our self doubt and low self esteem is so damaging and it sucks that so many people have to go through that…thank you beauts for spreading the message of positivity and honesty ?

  8. I went through this when I was younger. I felt out of place and never good enough. I was lonesome most of the time and was convinced the world would be better off without me. Those were some dark times! My now husband is the one that helped me realize that there’s more to life than self-pity, darkness and that the opinions of others don’t really matter. He showed me a side of the world I wasn’t even noticing!

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