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Why I made the switch to SiteGround for hosting (and why you outta make the switch)

Why I made the switch to SiteGround

Reason #1: SiteGround is trustworthy

Trustworthy=reliable, honest, insightful, and helpful

For me it’s a no brainer the biggest reason why I made the switch to SiteGround.  For a little under a year I had been with a different hosting site. The customer service wasn’t the greatest. I would be on hold for a really long wait time…think hours. With SiteGround I either got a hold of them right away, they would let me leave my number for them to call me back or I could open up an email ticket and they would respond back within a day. They would answer my questions thoroughly and honestly, giving me the help I needed in making decisions.

I was so impressed by the way that they understood my needs, concerns and took care of me right away with no mistakes. Before migrating over to SiteGround, I was told by an SEO expert (who was a friend of a friend) to switch to a different hosting site. My gut was telling me to be cautious. He made the other one sound so good that I ended up switching. Bad idea. This hosting site was awful. Way way worse than the hosting site I had used before. My website was continually down, the website ran super slow and the monthly expense was way more than what I would later be paying for SiteGround, along with less features and space.

That just goes to show you folks, in the end go with your gut. What works for one person, may not work for another. Plus who knows what that other person is getting out of the deal. If this post still has you feeling a little uneasy, go with your gut feeling. In the end, you are paying for your hosting- so make sure your needs are getting met.

Make sure that when you go to set up your hosting, you let them know what your intentions and expectations are: what you would like to build so that they can set you up with the right package.

why I made the switch to SiteGround

Reason #2: SiteGround is affordable

I was lucky enough to get a labor day discount. In order to get that discount I had to pay for the year which wasn’t a big deal because I was getting a really great deal. SiteGround offers a 30-day money back guarantee as well so if you figure out it’s not for you, get your money back. It has so much to offer, you wont want to switch. Just another reason why you outta switch to SiteGround.

Why I made the switch to SiteGround

I went ahead and purchased the “GrowBig” package. You can click on the GrowBig image above to be directed to SiteGround.

This was a perfect fit for me as a blogger who had a year of posts, was in the process of growing my traffic and needed to do a migration from my old hosting.

SiteGround did this for me for free (included in this package deal). It took them less than 2 days to do this. No problems at all. No web slow downs, no losing anything in the transfer. They even set up my Free SSL (included in package) for me.

Reason #3: SiteGround is Useful

SiteGround allows you to do so much with your website. It has useful tools to set you up with- such as free email and multiple websites. But it all depends on what package you choose. It enables you to have a large amount of traffic as well with no slowdowns. Of course every hosting sites reach their limits on what they can do. SiteGround offers very useful features for those inspired to build a website that works great and looks great. What’s even better…Siteground has some wonderful deals going right now. You can save a ton with buy during the holidays and paying for the year.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting
Whatever decision you make for your website, always go with your gut. Something can sound good but that doesn't mean it is good for you. Click To TweetIt’s sad to say this but many people are in the business of achieving at the expense of others. I’d love so much to put an end to this and genuinely just help people get what they need in order to succeed.  Whether you decide to switch to SiteGround or you don’t, just remember to do what’s right for you. Look at the big picture of what is going to be helpful for you in order to reach your dreams. Let’s build a better future for ourselves and help others succeed.

Be blessed & bless others,


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