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When God Speaks To Us With Red Roses

Every morning for the past week, I have walked past my neighbors door, looking at the beautiful flowers someone bought for them. Still packaged and untouched by anyone. My first thought was “wow someone is so sweet and loves them.” The days went by and I would glance at their doorstep. My heart would do a sinking feeling and at one point, I even said out loud “why wont they get their flowers?”

When God Speaks To Us With Roses

Then the questions started really coming and my wonder went to “are they ok?” “are they out of town?” “Do they hate flowers?” -Nah what kind of person hates flowers?

Then my questions faced me. “Why don’t I get flowers? When was the last time I got flowers? I wish I didn’t know the answer to that haha. Am I worth flowers to anyone in this world? Please tell me I’m not the only one who has inner conversations like this.

God Speaks In The Most Clever Ways

I don’t know what or who speaks to you but for me, God has a way of speaking to me. At just the right time. Even when I want or feel I need an answer right away sometimes. It’s like he knows I’m not in a receiving mode so he patiently waits. That’s how good he is and how well he knows me. Better than I know myself.

After I let the issue go of the flowers, I had the most amazing moment. While laying in bed with my Bible and the quiet worship I typed into YouTube to listen to. I felt a rest in my spirit. As I closed my eyes, I heard the Holy Spirit direct me to open them.

In his still voice, he began telling me to look at the red roses on my shelf. Not quite hitting me, I’m like “well ya they are just my fake roses I bought myself years ago.” Leaning into the Holy Spirit speaking, I asked him “why are these special?”

Red Roses
Photographer: Veida Paola Model: Me

God’s Words Have Impact

I’ll never forget the impact of the words he spoke to me. He tells me “Danielle you’re seen and never forgotten.” Totally unprepared for that- I of course cry uncontrollably. He goes on to tell me, that “even though the flowers sitting at my neighbors door weren’t there for anyone to appreciate and adore, it didn’t make them any less beautiful and remarkable.

He keeps speaking new truths to me. He tells me “You may be in a place where you feel forgotten and unseen but that is not you. I see you and you are vibrant red roses, sitting in a place to be adored everyday. You are my beautiful flower. I see you. I hear you. I adore you I love you.” What a beautiful thoughtful truth that we often don’t see in ourselves.

This Message Is For You

This message isn’t just for me. But I believe their are other women out there. You might feel abandoned, neglected, unseen. But you are not alone and you are worthy of so much love. Your voice is important. Who you are influences people. Your smile, words, and care, leaves an impact. I may or may not know you but because “you are made in the image of God” like the Bible says, you have so much unique beauty.

God Speaks
Photographer: Gordon Court Model: Me

When we are in a hard, lonely place, at just the right time, God can swoop right in and make it softer. He can turn around every criticism you’ve heard and held onto about yourself and turn it into a strength you didn’t realize was even within yourself. He has the power and the grace to meet us where we are at, in our most vulnerable places. He speaks life and love into our hearts. What a sweetheart of a God we serve. He sees us. He hears us. He helps us. And He heals us. God is the ultimate romantic superhero.


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