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What’s Influencing Your Mental Health?

Taking an accurate assessment of what’s really influencing our mental health can be a huge challenge, but the results can be a blessing. What we pour our time, energy and resources into, can give our lives meaning and purpose. What investments are you making, in order to live your life to the fullest?

Your Physical Health

Rest and Relaxation

This may seem spiritual, but here we should think about our inner peace from a physical perspective. Lowering our blood pressure, meditating, finding our perfect sleep cycle… simply acquiring that balance and rhythm in life. We don’t need to respond to everything. Sometimes doing nothing is the best move. Not everything deserves your time and attention. Do you find yourself feeling stressed most days? What can you do to bring calm to your life?

Effective Exercise

The mind body connection should never be underestimated. How we build our bodies can parallel how we grow our mind, soul and spirit. Physical training should be consistent, practical, and fun. What greater hobby than one where you feel healthier and stronger with each passing iteration of activity. Exercise can involve your friends, it can be accomplished many ways which often encompass other related hobbies. You can go to a gym, hike, take up bicycling or even dancing.

Proper Nutrition

We all know we can take a muti-vitamin and get some benefit, but I know I like to get my sustenance from good quality food. It’s hard to have good physical health if you aren’t eating your vegetables. It’s equally hard to achieve good mental health if your suffering from migraines due to consuming too much caffeine or even some allergen like gluten. If you’re just not feeling healthy, maybe its time to change up your diet, or invest in an appointment with an allergist, nutritionist, or a doctor.

Your Social Health

Quality versus Quantity in Relationships

What does your quality of relationships look like? Healthy relationships look for opportunities to help each other to be the best version of themselves and respect one another’s boundaries.

My strongest relationships have shown trust, vulnerability, depth and good communication. They are filled with positivity and excitement. These qualities in a relationship give you energy and reasons to invest.

Sometimes we may fall into the trap of trying to add more relationships into our lives in order to add diversity. We may even add others to our lives because we feel it will add value. But when we have too many people in our lives, we can get stuck in a situation where relationships become surface level or harmful. As Charity Barnum said, ‘You don’t need everyone to love you, just a few good people’.

Boundaries in Relationships

Boundaries help to establish what a person needs in order to grow themselves or in relationships. Not having healthy boundaries can cause damage to the person or relationship. Are the people in your life abiding by the boundaries you have established? If not, are they aware of where your boundaries are? Have you effectively communicated your needs in each relationship?

Nothing can be more fruitful for your state of mind than a diverse, supportive, and exciting personal community.

Your Spiritual Health

Do you have something to believe? What is that thing that drives you to be a better you? Maybe it’s your religion, or your passion for life’s pursuits, or even a dream that you strive to fulfill each day. If you don’t feel that you have something to believe in, how do you think that is impacting your mental health? What is the reason to get out of bed in the morning? Without belief in something authentic and inspirational, we can get stuck in unhealthy patterns and the wrong beliefs.

Our quality relationships, set with good boundaries can give our lives the strength it needs to live a life of joy, love and purpose. What steps will you begin to make on this journey of influencing your mental health? We’d love to hear.

Nick and Dani

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