The impactful health benefits of drinking RevitalU Coffee

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The impacting health benefits of drinking RevitalU Coffee

If you read my original post on this, you may be wondering why am I revamping my first one. Well, now that I have had some time to really get an extra feel of this product, I have come to discover so much more. For a long while, I was taking this product regularly. I was in my groove, seizing each day with my RevitalU coffee in my cute and favorite little heels tumbler featured above.

I was so excited about this product. So much so that I started giving a day-3 day free samples out to people I cared about, only to discover that some of them didn’t want to try it.

After awhile I slumped into a bit of sadness after receiving bad news from different pieces of my life. I stopped taking RevitalU and disconnected myself from the healthy things. Once I started re-piecing my life back together, I then remembered what I needed to do. Take back my life and start again doing the things that made me feel complete, happy and healthy.

I put RevitalU back into my life and for the most part disconnected myself from the coffee that felt a bit draining on me. Now I look forward to sitting down and drinking my RevitalU. My favorite is when I get to drink it iced in the summer months.

I hope that what you discover in this post is hope and a way to get healthy, using an amazing product to help get you there.

So here we go with the impactful health benefits of RevialU coffee

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Health benefit #1: Boosts physical and mental focus and energy

RevitalU has an ingredient in it called L-Theanine. This is an amino acid that gives you calm, mental focused energy. It acts as a relaxing, anti-stress agent and improves alertness. On top of that it prevents cognitive loss and protects brain cells.

Studies have shown that L-Theanine blocks anxiety and stress. Some prescription anxiety drugs help relieve the anxiety but leave a person drowsy and lagging. It can prevent heightened blood pressure that some people experience when they are stressed and under enormous pressure.

I have been on this coffee for about 5 months now and from my personal experience this has been the best part of drinking this magical coffee. Before drinking RevitalU Coffee, I felt like I was in a mental fog on my busy and hectic days. Click To Tweet My stress would get high so I would try my normal rituals for making it better. I would try working out, drinking more water, taking vitamins, eating healthier and getting more sleep. All good things the body needs. But I was wanting to find something that could add to my health progress.

revitalu coffee

People who know me, know that I’m a huge coffee fanatic. So giving up coffee wasn’t something I’d be willing to part with. I love the taste and warm feelings it gives me. However, I’d get this draining feel and no real umpf to get me going in the morning or throughout the day.

I visited a few vitamin and health stores to find a “healthier” coffee to really help get me what my body needed but couldn’t find what I was looking for. I ended up meeting my friend Ashley who sells RevitalU.

It wasn’t a coincidence meeting her. I think God knew my needs and sent me her. She actually didn’t approach me, like some annoying salesy people do (I try to avoid these people). I approached her about the RevitalU coffee.

I asked her questions, looked at her facebook and read through her customers testimonials to get all the information available. After doing all of my research, I must admit I was pretty impressed by Ashley’s genuine story. That’s when I knew I had to give this coffee a go.

Her story has inspired me and now I get to share about it in my next health benefit point. Ashley’s story is a living proof of health benefit #2….

Health benefit #2: Boosts metabolic functions and burns fat

RevitalU coffee has an ingredient called Octodrine. This helps boost workout performance or increase weight loss. It can help increase dopamine and noradrenaline levels in the body. Not a high dosage in the coffee but good enough for some to see a difference in weight loss.

Although I have yet to experience the weight loss (my body is almost immune to losing any weight) my friend Ashley has seen amazing weight loss results. Here are some pictures depicting her RevitalU journey:

Model and Photo Credit: Ashley Nicole Ince
revitalu coffee
Model and Photo Credit: Ashley Nicole Ince

Health Benefit #3: 100% Arabica coffee and great source of antioxidants

Arabica coffee is known to have less caffeine content. It is seen as “premium” coffee. Arabica is recognized to have a more flavorful taste.

There has been an ongoing back and forth battle of whether coffee is good for people. One major benefit is the antioxidant properties. These properties help to prevent diabetes and protect from certain forms of cancers.

Those are just some of the wonderful health benefits.

On top of all of that it is such a convenient thing.

I’m on the go a lot and hoping to travel more. You can buy it in packets or a tub. It’s an instant coffee but honestly it is the best tasting instant coffee I’ve ever had in my life. Even the more fancy instant coffees don’t compare. I like to make it with some flavored cream.

You can make it into a delicious Frappuccino. All that you need to do, is blend chocolate syrup, yoo-hoo and ice. I haven’t tried it yet but I plan on experimenting a little more before shelling out recipes to you. I just really like it with a little bit of flavor so I stick to flavored cream and revitalu coffee.

Currently I drink it most often cold. It’s really a refreshing drink in the summer. In addition, it is super easy to make up in a couple minutes before a busy day.

Given the information I have shared, I hope that you will join me on this journey. My joy in life comes in being apart of seeing people living their best lives and making a positive impact. This coffee has been such a blessing to me. I would love for you to try it for yourself and see what a difference it makes.

If you would like to you can go to my other website:

Try a sample or order a tub. It’s up to you. Thank you for allowing me to share my heart with you. I hope that you find opportunities to be happy and healthy.

Be blessed & bless others,


27 thoughts on “The impactful health benefits of drinking RevitalU Coffee

  1. My suspervisor has had people with palpitations drink it and be fine. You can always just try a half sample to see what happens. Or if nervous or concerned bring the ingredients list to your doctor to get it approved.

  2. Great job and amazing progress pictures! I’m obsessed with coffee but I’m trying so hard to drink less. XD It hugely amplifies my stress.

  3. Kelly you can start out with free samples if you fill out a request. That way you can see how you like it. Drink water and don’t forget to eat. Some forget to do that because it suppress your appetite a little.

  4. You had me at coffee . Sometimes coffee gets a bad rap . I defintely need to give this brand a try . I wonder if you can get it shipped to Barbados .

  5. I have just recently got into coffee. I can’t go a morning without drinking a cup! All of these added benefits would be awesome since I drink it everyday.

  6. Sounds amazing – I tried to order the samples but it just kept flashing at me and didn’t actually let me. I love coffee, drink it all day long. I think I should try this one because stress and anxiety are my life, and I need to lose weight.

  7. Yes it’s amazing. Did you try getting it on your phone? I was told it sometimes glitches on phones so computer is better. Maybe try it again.

  8. Most people know that they look and feel better when they eat right and follow a regular exercise routine. The body requires proper nutrition and continuous challenges in order to maintain peak performance capability. Heart disease, diabetes and a whole list of other maladies have been and continue to be the consequences of neglecting the body. If you eliminate the reasons for not eating properly and giving your body a workout then you begin to build a body that will last a lifetime.

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