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‘The Power and Authority We Have In Christ

The more I discover about myself and Papa God, the more I truly realize…. I really have so much to learn. Every time I think I have it all figured out…myself, people and God, something happens. God shows up and brings things to the light. He brings things that I’ve never thought or experienced before. This story showcases just that. God knows it all and he has the power to transform our lives.

Picture taken at Cathedral Rock

As a young kid, I was farely copperative and didn’t get into a lot of trouble. But when I did get into trouble, my mom would say “Danielle” in slow motion and break it down to make it sound like I was in trouble. Back then, I didn’t always feel bad. Most of the time, I’d shrug it off and just think to myself “just do better.”

As an adult, there has been a shift. Most people call me “Dani.” For me, I like to be called Dani. I enjoy cute nicknames and I think it’s just more personal. My family still calls me Danielle and that’s okay.

Recently I had a friend that normally calls me Dani start calling me Danielle. Each time she did though, my heart felt a shock. My heart immediately jumped to “am I in trouble?” and “what did I do wrong?” Neither was the case. My friend was just being her cute self. But it made me think about how my behavior can change with just one simple change of my name. When you’re use to something happening and an unexpected change happens, we can sometimes be unprepared for it.

If we have years of a certain way of doing things, saying things, believing and behaving a certain way and poof all of it changes, we can be thrown off. We question who we are and what we stand for. This can often lead to a lot of disappointment and frustration.

God Never Changes

What I love about God though is that he never changes. He is the one solid, steady and loving thing in this life, that we can hold onto. In a world that is uncertain, God is the one thing that is certain. Not only can we hold onto him but we can be changed to be more like Jesus. We don’t have to be disappointed, frustrated and in a state of defeat. We don’t have to let others brokenness affect us. We can choose to receive or reject what it spoken to us, about us, and over us.

Chapel of Holy Cross
'God “made us alive together with Christ (through grace we have been saved), and raised us up with Him, and seated us with Him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus” (Ephesians 2:5-6) Click To Tweet

As Sons and Daughters of God, we have been given all authority to rule and reign. Through Christ’s death on the cross, we have access to any victory. This authority gives us the power to defeat the enemy and to fully walk in our God given identity. Let that sink in. We don’t have to strive to “do better” or “be better.” Jesus said “it is finished.” All that we have to be, is who the Lord created us to be. What a freeing thing!

Picture taken at Devil’s Bridge

Power And Authority Comes With A Name

When we allow God to call us by our name and not just our given name, there is power and authority that comes with it. God changed Abraham’s name from Abram to Abraham (Genesis 17:5) “He shall no more be called the Abram, his name shall be Abraham; a father of many generations have I made thee.” The Lord changed Sauls name to Paul. The list goes on.

What name does he call you? Are you stepping into that name?

Be blessed & bless others,



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  1. I have always wanted to go to cathedral rock! It looks stunning and I’ve heard it’s such a spiritual place

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