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The Lessons Adversity Teaches Us

Adversity. To me that is an excruciating word. It’s one of those words that when it’s spoken, you feel the weight of it. At least for me. When I think of adversity I can remember times where I felt alone and scared. I think one, if not the scariest thing in life is to be stuck alone, living a life where you don’t fully live in who you are and all that you were created to be.

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Adversity Can Be Scary

Adversity can be scary because is challenges us to rise up and be better….and you can. And yet advesity does the opposite. It reminds you of who you are and who you are not, as you fall, bleeding in places you can’t fix. I think that’s what scares me the most. It makes you wonder- will I recover? Am I broken and unfixable? If God can put me back together- what will the pieces jumbled together look like?

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lessons of adversity
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Trust God In The Adversity

Trusting God in the adversity of our lives can be scary but freeing and rewarding. If you believe he is good and that he has what’s best for you- then adversity can be really simple. We live. We have tough times. We learn. We grow. Then we let go and give over our junk. We give over the adversity to God and we let him lead us in the mess.

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Be Vulnerable With Your Adversity

Not long ago, I remember sitting in church, sharing my vulnerabilities to someone. Something I was uncomfortable doing. It was part of the assignment for our activation time. Afterwards, I remember feeling a brokenness. While others were worshipping God effortlessly in front of me, I got vulnerable with God. I asked him why I had so much adversity with people in my life. This question to God was the most vulnerable thing I had spoken to someone in a long time. The response I got was far from what I had imagined. He told me that he was “breaking the fear of man off of me.” Now here I am about 6 months later- running up against the world and living in adversity.

beauty in adversity
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There Is Beauty To Be Seen In Adversity

When we walk through adversity we learn that there is beauty in adversity. Through the adversity that we go through, we learn to be fully ourselves. Being your authentic self is incredibly beautiful.
For instance, I’m learning to stand up for myself, speak the truth in love, and share my thoughts. I’m even learning to embrace my mistakes. In those moments of making mistakes- be kind to yourself. Cheer yourself on. Write encouraging notes to yourself. Remind yourself that you are human and you are doing the best that you can. I’m personally learning to be less hard on myself. Yes it still happens but everyday it’s less.

Gods Opinion Matters Most

In the process of adversity, I’m learning that it really is God’s opinion that matters most. He is the author, creator and sustainer of my life. He knows more about me than I know about myself. He loves me more than I know what love is. He is the ultimate truth in this world. Therefore why wouldn’t we look to him for the answers?

The Challenge

Here is the real challenge. Allow yourself to face adversity. Kick it in the face. Tell it who you are and the God you serve, who has your back in every situation. Ask God to reveal the you he has made you to be. Set a plan to devote time to loving yourself and letting God in to love you. That way, when adversity does come into your life, you are a little more ready. You will be more aware and equipped to use the right tools to beat adversity. Hold yourself accountable by asking for accountability. We need to be connected with people who we trust and can remind us to invest in ourselves. Will you accept the challenge? I hope so.

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  1. I appreciate you sharing your heart here and love what you said about how God’s opinion of you is the only one that matters! As a (reformed?) people pleaser I’ve been reminding myself of this truth recently and it helps me face difficult situations and people with more peace in my life.

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