Read To Effectively Lead: Why It Is Important To Make Reading A Priority

What successful leaders do…

  • Empower
  • Inspire
  • Encourage
  • Produce positive results
  • Empathize

Reading has the capability and means to help you do some, if not all of these.Reading to benefit your life
Successful leaders who have made a huge contribution to our society have seen results, all because of reading.

Warren Buffet- when starting as an Investor would daily read 600-1,000 pages

Oprah Winfrey- started reading at the age of 3 then started a successful reading club in 1996

Tony Robbins- read 700 books in 7 years to advance his career and help people


Reading Priority #1:

Be Selective In What You Read

Read a book with purpose in mind. Think about all the ways it will benefit your life and those you’re influencing. Read 2-3 chapters in and if it’s not moving you forward in your goals then consider moving on. Give it a fair shot but don’t waste your precious time, if you haven’t learned a single thing.reading priorities

Reading Priority #2:

Make reading easily accessible to yourself

That means carry a book with you at all times, along with a journal. Between appointments or lulls of the day, take out your book and read while waiting. Jot down important points to remember in a journal. Another great idea is to listen to audio books while in the car commuting. Time in the car can be used wisely to absorb information, get ideas and be productive in your day.Reading

Reading Priority #3:

Be open minded

This means take a chance on something new if it has purpose. If it has potential to help you grow, try it.
Being open minded allows you to open up a new world of perspective. You might think this goes against point 1 “be selective” but the difference, is that, spending your time on something you don’t know much about and grow in which is being selective can make you open to concepts that you haven’t thought of before. It gives you new ides, perspective and allows you to connect with your pursued subject. It allows you to have less judgement and be more empathetic.Reading Priorities

Reading Priority #4:

Learn something that will move you forward.

Harriet S. Truman said “not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”

Ask yourself questions like- how does what I’m reading benefit my life or those surrounding me? Or…
How can what I’m reading be applied in the appropriate time and way?

Whatever you are reading should challenge your thoughts and get you looking for the correct answers to move you forward in your life. Click To Tweet


Reading Priority #5:

Ask successful leaders who are around you what books they are reading

When we are able to see the transforming effects in another persons life- the way they positively treat people, the type of influence they have in their workplace and how well they carry themselves with confidence, demonstrates a… Click To Tweet We outta be eager to learn from these people. Asking them what they read can be a big asset to walking in greater leadership.
I got the privilege of asking a couple leaders I know- how has reading impacted your life?

Erin- “Before I started reading a lot of books, I thought I knew a lot. Now that I’ve read a lot of books, I have come to understand I don’t know much but that’s freeing. We live in an age where there is wealth of knowledge at our fingertips, experts in every field and subjects have given us access to their brilliant minds through books. Reading has made me less rigid and dogmatic. I’m still opinionated but I’m fully aware that there are a slew of valuable opinions coming from a variety of perspectives.”

Kevin- “Reading has helped me develop discipline and quicker thinking and comprehension. It also provides brief mini vacations throughout the day as I commit a few minutes to reading. The lessons I’ve learned tend to be spiritual and even mental as they are all Bible based lessons. I’ve learned such things as- seek and you will find.”

These responses have challenged me and have opened my heart to a greater understanding of life through reading. What are you reading today that’s growing the leader in you?

Be blessed and bless others,


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11 thoughts on “Read To Effectively Lead: Why It Is Important To Make Reading A Priority

  1. Hi Dani, My husband and I are avid readers. Both of us tend to read business, marketing and leadership books. We are trying to get our children to read more as well but they are 14, 12, 7 and 2. They will read when we ask them to but the2 year old is the most interested. Any tips on how we can get the older ones to read more. Thank you

  2. Reading is so important! It helps keep you sharp and opens your mind into a more imaginative and educated space. My resolution this year is to read a book a month. I was so close last year but tapered off after summer so hopefully I can make up for it this year.

  3. Curious which books are you favorite for leadership. What incentive/bribe could possibly work to get them in the habit of reading? Make a deal with them that helps both you and them.

  4. Reading is so important! I have been a book nerd since I was a child and until this day, having the time to soak in a good book is so refreshing. With every book, even fictional ones, I feel as if I developed more knowledge and expanded my horizons a bit more.

  5. I’ve never been an avid reader but I always wanted to be. I can get lost in a good novel and finish it in a few days. I just wish I could make it a habit and read on a regular basis! Reading is so important and therapeutic.

  6. Love reading! I always have a leadership and/or encouragement book in my bag. I am that person with the stack to get through on the nightstand! I love to recommend and hear what other leaders are reading. It does matter. it does make a difference. I would love to see your top 10 favorites!

  7. I totally agree that reading can benefit you a lot. When I used to read every night I would sleep so much better and just relaxed. I need to start doing that again, a goal for this year.

  8. I love this post. It’s so sad to hear people say they do not read as they don’t have time. You have given such great tips to use reading for your own personal growth. I have found reading to be like a close friend – you can call on it for support both in times of sorrow and celebration. It is character building. Thanks for sharing.

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