What you need “to do” today to help you succeed

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An interesting thing happened to me recently.  I took out my “to do” dry erase board. It’s been awhile since I used it- many, many months. I was excited to erase my old “to dos” still listed on the board. Only thing was that they would not erase. Instead they were ingrained in my board.

Most of the to do’s I had listed were written way down on the tale end of my list. It’s a no brainer that these were my things to do that were “less important” and “less fun.” Those things now are no longer relevant and missed opportunities.  I took this mess and used it as a lesson on what to do and not do.

As a result, I have created a step by step process to help you conquer your to do list…

1Grab a sheet of paper. Write down every task you can think of that needs to be done. Don’t worry about order or making it “look pretty” yet- just write. Get specific and condense. Write words that are going to help you remember specially what you need to do for that task.  Condense those words so that it’s not overwhelming and you utilize time and energy to read it before doing it.

2.Put each task in order of importance. This way you push yourself to take care of the pressing needs. Think about what is a pressing need that is going to be a process and take a long time to complete. You need to think ahead so that you can do your work great.  If you know that what you need to do is going to require lots of time and energy- start that task now. Who are the people affected by this task? If it’s a large sum or it affects those closest to you that you interact with daily then chances are it’s important. It needs to be put on the top of your to do list.

3. Put a reasonable deadline on each task.  Sometimes if it is a new task, never been done before this can be tricky. Let’s be realistic and decisive.  How long has it taken someone else to complete? Ask these types of questions to people you know and let this be a guide to helping you put a deadline on your task(s). You can also research to come up with an idea of what a proper amount of time is feasible. Decide on a deadline and stick to it.

4. Do each task. You can personalize this one.  We all have our certain tasks we know we need to do but we hate doing. You can personalize your task to get it done. For instance, if your task is to get up by 6 am to hit the gym- drink a cup of coffee to wake you up or meet up with a friend at the gym as a way to get motivated and follow through.

Stay disciplined  with every step so that you create the habit of doing your “to dos.” I believe in you wholeheartedly. If you get off track pick yourself up, tell yourself over and over “I can do this” and go be incredible.





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