How modeling made me into a brave young lady

Being brave comes at a price. It requires humility, determination, risk taking, hard work, tenacity and much more. People often like the idea of “being brave” but are sometimes afraid to go through the process of it. It can be painful and take a huge hit on our ego if we “fail.” There is also the scary feeling of possible consequences if we fail.

photo by Nancy May

Let me suggest that once we have figured out what the possible setbacks could be, we look at the possible rewards we could reap from being brave. What do you have to gain from it? Who will be impacted? Let’s make this process personal, practical and profound.

For me the process of being brave has been very personal. I know my limitations but also know that I’m capable of huge success. The more we put ourselves out there, the more we figure out what limitations and strengths we have. When we see progress it makes us confident, happy and moving forward.

My journey in the modeling industry has helped to shape me into a brave young lady. You see, my profile is not the typical model body type. I’m 5’3″ petite and athletic built. I didn’t even think I had much of a shot at anything in the modeling world. Still I decided to give it a go. I needed money and that was the reason I decided to give modeling a green light. I opened myself up to whatever healthy possibilities I could in this field.

photo by Arnold Rossa

I began by answering an ad to a modeling agency. The man interviewing me said that he could see potential within me to do a lot of print work and my look has many uses. It was at this point that I felt hopeful. I started auditioning for different jobs and surprised myself when I got callbacks. Eventually I got pretty good at print modeling. To me it wasn’t as much of a challenge. It was my “safe zone.”

The big challenge came when I decided to answer a runway casting call. Anything but practical to a 5’3″ model with no runway experience, I said “to hell with it, what do I have to lose?” I decided to give it a go just to see what they would say. Little did I know my interviewer was a tall, beautiful, confident pro-football players wife.

I was asked a series of questions that challenged me to the next level. When asked if I had experience in runway modeling I gave the “short girl” excuse. It made practical sense and I had others opinions to back me up. My interviewer, who apparently saw something great within me, asked me to stand up and to do a walk for her. Her response was unforgettable.

photo by Caitlyn Ann

In a very sure of herself sort-of way my interviewer says to me “you need to be doing runway modeling.” I not only got the runway job but I went on in my modeling journey to learn more about who I am and discover what I was truly capable of. I stepped forward into the modeling world and put my best self out there.

photo by Tyler Bloomquist

I went to auditions scared out of my mind but still holding on to a good attitude and confidence in myself. I knew my talents, gifts, and abilities. I knew that whatever the outcome, I was better for taking the steps forward in a new adventure. I ended up getting booked for all but two shows. I met so many people who challenged, inspired and motivated me to be better. I learned more of who I was.

It is because I chose to take steps forward that I learned more of who I want to become. I understand that I am capable of changing this world and inspiring others to be the best version of themselves. Faced with a decision, ask yourself what do you have to lose in stepping forward? Be brave, my beautiful friend. Give a great opportunity a chance and see it change your life.

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