Let your actions speak

We have heard the saying “Actions speak louder than words.” This statement has been a saying that I have learned to grasp and relate to on many levels. Actions, what we do, sends a clear message to those around us.

What are we portraying to those around us? What message(s) are they hearing from our non-verbal communication? This is important to think about. If we don’t, we can find ourselves surrounded by the wrong people in our lives, wondering why they mistreat us, cross our boundaries and degrade our values.

Something as simple as what clothes you wear, how you decorate your house or office or the way that you carry yourself and how you talk to people. These all send an honest message of the person you are.

For this reason, we need to be intentional with every aspect of our lives. We do not need to be on guard or worried about what someone will think of us, based on every decision we make. We are human and we make mistakes. However, we need to be intentional with portraying to people our real self. If we make a mistake, we own it, we sincerely apologize for it using words and a kind gesture. Then we move on to hopefully never make the same mistake over.

We need to know who we are, love who we are, and accept who we are. This is a tough one in a world where acceptance and belonging are important to us. Not everyone is going to like or appreciate us.

Don’t compromise who you are! I think we have all at some point in our life compromised and settled for something or someone in order to feel some sort of “goodness.” In the end, it just leaves us feeling a little less confident and a little more needy.

You set your standards, stay disciplined and hold yourself accountable to be better and do better. That looks different for everyone. What is going to get you to the point of setting standards, staying disciplined and holding yourself accountable?

Tony Robbins has this quote that I remind myself  of often. He says “progress makes us happy.” We don’t have to put pressure on ourselves to be perfect. However, we do need to put pressure on ourselves to make steps forward. What are you doing today that will pull you forward in your future?

Let your actions speak a message of love, beauty, value, truth and kindness. Let your actions say to people “I am amazing and I believe you are too.”

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