Journaling to benefit your life

Journaling is going to be a life changer for you. I know it has been for me. The more that I have read and researched how amazing it is, I have grown to embrace journaling.

Throughout my post, you will get to see highlights from my bullet journal. I really like this form of journaling for many reasons. It gives you the the flexibility to be creative, make it personal, and use it in a way that is going to benefit your future.

Let’s start by talking about the benefits of journaling…

Journaling reduces stress

Writing allows us to release painful emotions and helps us engage both left and right brain to problem solve.

Makes you smarter
Journaling causes us to grow our vocabulary as we write. We think of new words and meditate on words to use. Journaling has also been shown to increase communication skills. Writing improves your speaking.

Builds Confidence
Journaling allows you to go back to those special times where you were on top of the world, thriving in that positive experience. Click To Tweet You are able to remember and relive it. As a result you gain confidence.

Makes you more mindful
When you write you are actively engaging your thoughts. Writing will allow you to know what sincerely makes you happy and what is really toxic for you. It helps you decipher the good from the bad.

20180111_173645330201909.jpgTracks patterns
Journaling helps us reflect, look back and track our patterns. This can be so helpful and eye opening- as sometimes it’s hard to realize where we fall short when we have so much going on in our busy lives.
Now that we have established some of the amazing benefits of journaling I want to give you some direction in the journaling process.


In my last post “Establishing goals to succeed in the new year” I  talked about goal setting. If you signed up for my email list you should have received a free goal setting pdf. This will help you on your journey in journaling.

Some people don’t always know what to write about or where to start. That is why I have questions to get you thinking. If this doesn’t do it for you, then just start by writing what’s on your heart- what you are passionate about, the direction you would like your life to go, or maybe what you are most grateful for.

Take however long you want 5 minutes, 20 minutes- it’s your call. I have been journaling for years and my journaling time always changes. Sometimes I’m super inspired and can write a lot about a particular subject.  Other days I  have heavy things on my heart to write about that is difficult to put in words.  Don’t put a time limit on it- just start writing and see where it takes you. Now get going?

Be blessed & bless others,

❤Coach Dani

9 thoughts on “Journaling to benefit your life

  1. Thanks for the encouraging post on journalling. I do find it reduces stress, but the best part for me is looking back and seeing what’s happened, what I’ve achieved, what I felt over the year… lovely activity.

  2. I like to keep a gratitude Journal. It’s such a nice uplifting form of self care and really helps you focus on the positive ♡. I love that there are so many different forms of journaling and that it can really benefit anyone. Thanks for sharing the goodness of journaling ?

  3. I’ve seen that keeping a positivity journal helps me stay more positive! Love the idea of bullet journaling, too.

  4. I have been working on self care and gratitude logs and let journaling fall by the wayside. I am eager to try your habit tracker and get back to journaling. Great read!

  5. This is very interesting. I love your train of thoughts. The planning you made here is beautiful. I’d love to see it again in 6 months time which by then will be filled up with memories. How cool would that be!

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