How to be Fearless

Let’s face it, we all have fears. Even the strongest, have fears whether or not they care to admit it. Knowing your fears and the place they hold in your life is insightful. When you understand what makes you afraid, it brings you to a point of decision. You can ask yourself “What do I need in order to move forward into this fearful place?

Often what scares us has no reason. And if they are legit, how much of it really matters? If you’re an insecure or prideful person that thinks  “I don’t need changing” you can stop reading now. This post is reserved for leaders that want to grow.

I can remember my biggest fear coming true years ago. Those select few who know me-like REALLY know me, know that losing those close to my heart in the past has been a scary place. Although it still sort-of falls into that category, it doesn’t have a hold on me like it use to.

My biggest fear came true when I lost my dear Grandpa in 2011. It was heart wrenching. My Grandpa was my security and the man I really learned to love. When battling questions over his death with God I couldn’t help but embrace the fear.

In order to sometimes move forward that’s what we need to do- Embrace the fear. That means getting as real as can be. Through my questioning with God, I wrestled and fought for answers which later on I got. It just wasn’t in the time or way that I wanted them.

When we embrace fear it gives us clarity and peace of mind (on some level).  You take action and reject your feelings. Feelings give us some truth but not the whole truth. As it turns out, your feelings can be deceiving and in some cases put you at a stand still. We acknowledge feelings and then we move on with logic.

Before taking action ask yourself relevant questions. How will this action move me or someone I care about forward in a positive and healthy way? Growth happens when we decide to be scared while taking action to achieve.  We embrace, are enlightened and are able to empower.

I could have decided after my Grandpa passed away to not be vulnerable or get as close to people- that way I wouldn’t have much lose. But that is not living life to the fullest.  That life is shallow and sad. We were made to experience joy-a sense of deep meaning, gratitude and satisfaction. Fear is fuel for a beautiful life that we live with purpose. And when we let it become fuel, it breeds faith. Faith that every day we are closer to an understanding of the beautiful people God created us to be.


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  1. Embracing fear is a huge challenge to overcome, but it reminds us that we are human. Oftentimes we are always struggling over control and what we cannot control is what we most often fear. Great post. Loved it!

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