How To Make Good Use Of Your Quarantine Time At Home

Before this quarantine it was easy for me to procrastinate on the tedious things that I didn’t like to do but needed to get done. This time of social distancing has really allowed me to ask myself some important questions and make steps to get more organized and healthy. It has opened my eyes to see how productive my time at home can be. With that said, I’d like to share with you how this time at home has prepared and empowered me to live healthier and how it can do the same for you.

How to make good use of your quarantine time at home

Time At Home Sparks New Creativity

I think we can all agree that when we spend time alone, we allow for creative ideas to spark. Writers, cooks, crafters, home decorators, dancers, hairstylists and make up artists and the list goes on. You all have so much talent and time at home is an opportunity for you to get creative. If you’re a hairstylist, grab your daughter or use your own hair to do videos of cute hairstyles. Those who like to cook, this is a great time to experiment with some Pinterest recipes that you pinned months ago on your board.
Get creative with what’s around you. Whether you are talented at something or not, quarantine time at home can give you the space to try something new. You can discover more things about you and your family.

Whether you are talented at something or not, quarantine time at home can give you the space to try something new and discover more things about you and your family. Click To Tweet
How to make good use of your quarantine time at home

Time at Home Can Help You Get…

Emotionally Strong

Lately I’ve been seeing Facebook posts about how bad our world is and how awful things are when we don’t have community. Why does staying home have to be a negative? Let’s turn it into a positive. Time at home can allow you to emotionally connect with your family and other loved ones through a phone call or video chat. Since being home more I have been able to connect with a few people that I haven’t talked to in awhile. Take time to call or zoom loved ones. Now we actually have time for each other so why not connect?

How to make good use of your quarantine time at home

Spiritually Strong

Take the gift of time that you have and use it to connect with God. Open up your Bible and start reading. Sing worship songs that get the focus off of yourself and your circumstances. Singing worship songs to God, praying and reading your Bible can be spiritually empowering.

When I was little we use to read a devotional before going to school. At the time, I didn’t realize just how empowering this could be. It felt a little rushed most of the time and we didn’t really talk about what we read. Now is the perfect time to sit down with your family or by yourself and read. Think about what you are reading and invite the Holy Spirit to speak. This can be an empowering time for you and your family. There is no rush. No time restraint. This can be a wonderful time where you allow God to grow your relationship with him and your family.

How to make good use of your quarantine time at home
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Physically Strong

People may be bummed out that they can’t go to the gym but think about how much time and money you are saving by having your own gym at home. Your free weights that you have lying around and old workout videos on the shelf, you can finally make use of.

There are so many options for you. You can YouTube workout videos or if you have Amazon prime or other subscriptions, pull up a workout. Some gyms during this time will also give you free video workout subscription. I personally love Maggie Binkley’s 15 minute HIIT workouts on Amazon Video Prime. I have been doing her videos since fall of 2019. She caters to where you are at and what areas you want to focus on. I tend to go for her harder videos 6.0 and up since they give you a great workout in little time.

How to make good use of your quarantine time at home

Time At Home Can Get You…


What is the most disorganized room in your house? For good reason I’m sure it’s that way. We tend to neglect the areas that are overwhelming. Last night I went through my sock and underwear drawer. To me, nothing is more frustrating then seeing socks that are not matched or missing their partner. While your organizing watch a funny TV show. Throw out expired food in your pantry. Go through your closet and make a donation pile with clothes you haven’t worn in a year or longer.

Tackling a big or tedious project can be frustrating. But it can also be very freeing and make life easier on us. Take any amount of time at home and get organized.


We are blessed today with so many resources and ways to learn. From books, to internet resources and teachings. We have so much available to us. This can really backfire if we choose to read and listen to the wrong people. Make sure that whoever you decide to get information from has experience, credibility and has research to back up what is being presented. The time at home you take to educate yourself can be a major tool for you to use as a voice and way to help yourself and others.

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7 thoughts on “How To Make Good Use Of Your Quarantine Time At Home

  1. Studying my Bible more, play with makeup, write more blog post and design graphics are the new thing I intend to add to my schedules for the quarantine.
    I’ll add exercise from your list, if I’m not too lazy to actually do instead of planning on it:)

  2. I do almost all of these! While I really want to get deep cleaning done – right now I am too lazy to do it (probably because I do not enjoy it).

  3. Best quarantine post I’ve seen so far! It’s so important to be spiritually, mentally, and physically strong while we’re going through this time.

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