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How To Channel Empathy In Order To Lead Effectively

Empathy is defined as “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.” In order to channel empathy we must first lay aside our own agenda and pick up the agenda of the person whose “heels” we are stepping into. This is where is can get uncomfortable and messy. The upside is- it’s all worth it when we are able to make a difference. When we sit in empathy with someone, we lay aside your time, judgements, and personal wants or needs. It’s 100% not about us empaths so take yourself completely out of the equation.

#1: Channel Empathy To Lead By Observation

The first step in channeling empathy is to observe what is needed and wanted for the person you are wanting to reach out to. Some people just want to be left alone and that is okay. It’s risky being brave by taking steps forward to meet people were they are, no matter the level of uncertainty or comfortability.

Observation will give us, as leaders, the capability to see more of the picture. During observation we keep our mouth closed and we listen. Beyond listening we search deep into what their words are saying about them and their circumstances. Never assume. Instead, reflect back to what they speak, in order to get the full picture. Look at how the other person responds in their interactions and how they use their words to communicate what is important to them.

#2: Channel Empathy To Lead By Asking Good Questions

The next step to channel empathy in order to lead effectively is to ask good questions. Never assume that you know what’s best for a person that is completely unique and their own person. Asking good questions that gets to the heart of the person and issue will open a door for good connection. It allows us to relate to what the other is going through and sit in a place of understanding.

#3: Channel Empathy To Lead By Helpful Communication When we allow our self to sit back, observe, ask good questions it then gives us the opportunity to speak words of life. Click To Tweet

Our third step to channel empathy in order to lead effectively is to use communication that is encouraging, kind and helpful. This is an expansion of my last point. When we allow our self to sit back, observe, ask good questions it then gives us the opportunity to speak words of life. This allows us to encourage and build up the person who needs it.

Some people are not ready for your words so you need to tread lightly. Use the points we talked about earlier-observing and asking good questions. Sometimes I will sit back and wait for the person to come to me if they want advice or direction. Again it goes back to meeting the individual person where they are at.Empathy leaders lead by vision

#4: Channel Empathy To Lead By Vision

The final step in channeling empathy in order to lead effectively is to see where the person you are connected to, is heading. As empaths we have an enormous amount of influence. After we have used these steps to connect, we have the capability to give direction to them and where they are headed. We have vision, understanding and can see from a distance.

Being on the sidelines cheering them on is a great place to be. Only thing- make sure they are in the right arena and that the take away is going to be worth the risk. We need to be like bodyguards who protect. Not only do we observe, ask questions, impart words of wisdom but we protect and position people to thrive in their journey now and in their future.

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11 thoughts on “How To Channel Empathy In Order To Lead Effectively

  1. I love how you first talk about observation to understand what the person needs before diving in with advice. This is really important, but a lot of times we don’t take the time to do this. Thanks for the interesting read! Melissa Damiani | Gratitude Grace Glamour

  2. Great points. Thanks for the reminder/ advice to first observe before making decisions about what is needed. Often when trying to lead, we are quick to do what we think someone wants or what we think they need before actually observing them and or talking to them.

  3. Great post! I was just in a situation where I shared something that I was going through with a friend and was shocked at their reaction. It was an eye opener of how I should react should I ever be in a similar situation. This is also a good reminder to listen and let the person know that they are heard.

  4. These are such great points! Love it. Empathy open doors (and hearts). It is always the best way to deal with everyone.

  5. I believe that I am an empath myself and it is true that observation is our greatest strength! Really informational post – thanks!

  6. This post was so insightful. I really appreciate how you highlighted the many ways empathy can be applied. So often, empathy is such a generalized emotion.

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