How To Be Unaplogetically Real In A World That Often Promotes Fake

This concept of how to be real has been a steady theme throughout my life. Any of you feel me on this? Not long ago I was listening to a story on the radio of a women that got engaged. At the time of the proposal she didn’t have a perfectly done manicure so she chose to photograph her friends hand with the ring on and make it look like it was her hand. Ridiculous right? But how many of us, on some level, have done something fake like this? Or on some level we do this. We filter an image so much to the point that it’s not at all real. It is just what we think everyone wants to see. Maybe for some they want to be wowed but how can you be wowed by something that doesn’t truly exist and what really benefit is there in that fake senario?

This story got me thinking about my own fake times. What have I faked in order to be seen or liked? ask yourself that question. Then ask yourself how did it really help me? sure it got you the short lived attention but you compromised your integrity and authenticity.

In the end you lose out.

The truth comes out sooner or later the closer that we get to an individual, item or place. We get up close and see what or who it really is. Maybe that’s why many people are scared by vulnerability. I don’t know about you but I find vulnerability beautiful and refreshing so long as it’s done in an appropriate way.

how to be real

There is something precious that happens when we are real. We are relatable, trustworthy and able to connect in a vulnerable way with the right people. I hope I have given you enough reason now to move forward and be the best version of yourself. If that’s the case, let’s begin moving forward with…

HOW to be real

Part One:

How To Be Real

Know who you are. This comes through opening yourself up to healthy things that give your life meaning and purpose. What would those things be? If it doesn’t help you or someone else, scrap it. Your choices should bring forth a progression of inspiration and transformation. Click To Tweet I remember when I first started blogging. At first it was a small thing, then it turned into a much bigger dream. I was unsure of myself or what I was capable of. As I began trying new things, I began to see more of myself and the person God made me to be.

I settled more into who I was made to be.

No dumb expectations looming over me which freed me to just be myself completely, no strings attached. Also you know who encouraged me to write? God and myself. If you know your real self, then you know your own capability.

Part Two:

Be Who You Are

I must say being who you are is the most freeing thing. It gives you the capacity to be creative, self caring, and gives your life meaning. Click To Tweet Plus it keeps the bad or wrong people out of your life while putting the right and good people in your life. I use to believe that I would always have to be so cautious and careful with how I talk to people and approach them. I’m sorry (not really as I shake my head) but that is no way to live. Why should we be people that tiptoe around people’s feelings so that we don’t offend them? The only thing in this life that we should be offended by is abuse and to be real

Not everyone is going to have the same values, personality or goals in life. We have to be people that are true to ourselves while also considering who is in our company. Some people we can be completely real with and some that will only get to see a somewhat real side.

There are levels of realness that only some will get to experience.

Look at it this way…not everyone can afford a new beautiful Bentley. It’s reserved for those who have the means and appreciation to buy it. To some people it makes no sense to buy something so expensive that only “looks fancy.” Same is true for people only with more delicacy, we reserve ourselves for those who earn the right into our lives

how to be real

People will judge you in all sorts of ways, and will concoct an idea that fits with what they want to believe. What it really boils down to with a person like this, is that they lack empathy and they either don’t know or don’t care to know. Why would you choose to have these people in your life? Desperation or to keep you humble? Nah. If mutual value isn’t being appreciated and given, let that go.

Now that we have talked about what it means to be real and how to make steps to be real, I encourage you to step out and unapologetically be your real true self. I bet you anything someone is waiting to find people like this. I know I am and God really knows how rare it is to find real in a culture were people are comfortable being fake. Be that amazing person that people can relate to.

Be blessed and bless others,


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5 thoughts on “How To Be Unaplogetically Real In A World That Often Promotes Fake

  1. I like how you make the point about levels of realness. Some people are “real” in a rude manner that is they blurt out every thought that crosses their mind without thinking. If you are hurt, they just shrug their shoulders and claim to be honest. What I would like to say to those people is you can be real and yet kind at the same time.

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