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How to be an Incredible Person of Character

people of character

Incredible people of character

#1 Listen well.

Often times we like to think we are the smart ones with all the answers. Therefore, we should be the ones to talk. However, people of incredible character genuinely listen. They are genuinely interested in you and hearing your heart on a matter, even if it doesn’t benefit or interest them. “Incredible people of character who listen well will, sit back and seek to understand the other persons perspective. Then they ask great, proactive questions. Why? Because they care. Which leads me to the next point…

person of character
Incredible people of character

#2 Care.

People of character care and they show it in all forms- not just forms that suite them. They will think outside the box and come up with unique ways to show they care about an individual, cause or people group. Caring people will brainstorm and put themselves in your shoes as much as they can. Executing a plan well thought out comes with ease for them because they are driven by a heart that cares. Incredible people of character will look for ways to meet the needs and wants of their audience.

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Those with Incredible Character…

people of character

#3 Have Integrity.

Integrity is defined as “being honest and having strong moral principles.” People of Integrity do what is right. That means they look beyond their own desires. They go beyond themselves to look at what is right versus what seems good. Integrity people not only have incredible character but also are selfless. They will even sacrifice their own wants and needs to do what is right.

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incredible people of character

An incredible person of character…

#4 Is an Advocate

They will put themselves in uncomfortable situations in order to speak for the innocent. They are driven by their compassion for others and are not afraid to take a stand. To advocate for someone shows the heart of a leader who has incredible character.

incredible people of character

People of Character

#5 Take Responsibility

They do not give an excuse for everything. Instead, they apologize move on to do better and correct their wrongs. They are reliable and stick to their word. You don’t have to wonder if they are gonna follow through because they consistently show up and follow through on their commitments.

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2 thoughts on “How to be an Incredible Person of Character

  1. These are all great character traits to embrace. I especially think that working listening not simply for the sake of responding but to actually hear someone is so important. Thanks for sharing!

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