How dancing can transform your life


People enjoy shows like Dancing with the Stars or So you think you can dance. But why do so many people just watch dancing and yet never participate in it? I have met countless people who make every excuse not to try.

Here are some of the excuses:

Well dancing just isn’t my thing

I hate dancing (coming from many people I have encountered that haven’t even tried once)

It’s too hard and I feel like I look funny

I don’t have the skills to dance

How dancing can transform your life

The list of excuses goes on. I’m not here to pressure you into something but I am here to open you up to some new perspective and opportunity. I am here to share with you what exactly you are missing out on. Sam I am’s friend was bound and determined that he didn’t like green eggs and ham but then he tried them and his world changed. I know this is a kids book but sometimes we need to simplify life. To remember not to be so stubborn in trying something that might be good for us.


I remember the first time I got hooked into dancing. It was freshman college year. I didn’t get to do all the dancing like I wanted to do as a kid. So when I got older and left for college I promised myself that I would take every dance class their was and not give up even in the challenges.

The hardest part was starting. I didn’t get a lot of encouragement. In fact, the college I went to was a Christian University and they had rules against dancing. Crazy right? I felt like I was stuck in Footloose. I’m hoping they have changed their rules since then.

When I began this journey I was in a heap of frustration. I got down on myself a lot and would give myself lots of breaks to coach myself through the insecurities I was feeling. The determination was there so I pushed through the lies that told me I wasn’t good enough and that I just wasn’t skilled in this activity.

What began as interest in dancing, grew into a passion.

My determination and discipline got me to keep pressing on and going to dance classes. I would give myself encouraging words and bring others to classes with me to get some support.


The more I kept at it, the more dancing fed my confidence. This of course wasn’t in the beginning stages. By beginning I am mean months and months of dancing. I began to see myself for who I really was: gifted, confident, determined and creative.

What was remarkable to learn is that, I really could dance and do it well.

I pushed through what I thought were my limitations to excel and realize that I am almost limitless. Not quite limitless- I am a human being not God.

(Newest dance Zouk I just started learning off and on in the past 6+ months)

Through the years I have taken up 15 styles of dance. Yes you heard me correctly and I’m not done. I see all the amazing benefits of dancing through my years of experience. It has made me a better dancer and a better person.

What if we turned our silly excuses around? I think we could. I really believe dancing can change your life, as it has changed mine. Even if you don’t ever want to label yourself as a dancer, just trying it would be a great step.

The benefits of dancing are beyond amazing.

Studies have shown that dancing can help you lose weight, reduce stress, make new friends and help your flexibility. Dancing can improve your strength, muscle tone, endurance, balance, mental functioning and fitness. In addition dancing can reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Your social skills along with your self confidence will increase.

For me personally I can check most of these benefits off my list and give you more from my personal experience with years of dancing. I have overall become a better person. My health and mental clarity has been high.


I have learned through partner dancing how to be a better lead and follow both on and off the dance floor. When learning the follows role which typically is the women’s role, I have learned how to trust my partner and communicate effectively. Switching to the guys role as lead, I have learned to pay attention to my follow. I ask questions, make sure I’m giving my follow good support (according to her/him not me) and always paying attention to complementing my follows moves.

Both individual and partner dancing has such a beautifully diverse way of us expressing our creative selves.

Being open to trying many styles of dancing opens you up to experience and learn what you like/don't like. As a result, you really learn about who you are. Click To Tweet

My wide range of dancing has made me passionate about both partner and individual dancing. I enjoy my independence and creativity in individual dance. However I really love partner dancing a little more because you learn to connect with others and be relational. You also get to throw in your creative style so your not entirely sharing the entire show with someone else.


No more excusing yourself, being mediocre or holding yourself back from more. We were made to learn, grow and have a little fun. Now whatever state your in…happy, sad, frustrated…..Meredith Grey from Greys Anatomy would tell you to “go dance it out.”

Be blessed & bless others,


17 thoughts on “How dancing can transform your life

  1. I love this post! I’ve actually started to teach myself how to dance with the help of YouTube, and I always have so much fun when I do!! Keep dancing. ?

  2. I’m so glad that you have found joy in dancing, it is such an amazing outlet! I totally dance it out like Grey’s Anatomy…awesome!

  3. Oh I have been wanting to try dance! I am older now, so I would need to find lessons at my level and age, but I would love to give it a go! I loved all your reasons to try dance! Great post!

  4. I think everyone in doubt should read this post. Dance help in so many ways that they are uncountable. I take some classes few years ago and it was incredible, I loved every second of them.

  5. I pulled a similar thing when I went to college and joined the cheerleading team without any prior experience. There was definitely some fear to get over, but it really grew my passion for anything dance related. To this day I have kept in touch with most girls from the team! Cheer-dance was a little stressful at times because we entered into competitions even though we were from a small college. What balanced it out for me was one of my best guy friends taking me to an open swing-dance session every Sunday afternoon. I found out I liked it more than I thought I would!

  6. What a great post! I’ve never been into dancing because I’m really uncoordinated, and every time I tried I felt awkward and totally incompetent, but I always wished I could dance and I envy people who can. Recently, my inner voice has been pushing me to look into taking dance lessons and sticking with them long enough to feel comfortable. You’ve inspired me to give it a go!

  7. You enjoyed actually made me think. You’re so right, we are so quick to assume we cannot do something without trying and sticking with it. I’m guilty. Good post.

  8. I loved reading your post, so full of inspiration. I really enjoy dancing, although not to a professional level, but I think it’s just one of the best ways to keep in shape and unwind mentally.

  9. I love this so much. I grew up dancing and now teach it and I wish more people would give it a try because it is SO freeing. I’ve never met someone who has regretted giving it a try. Thank you for sharing your perspective and WOW! 15 differennt styles is amazing! Keep dancing girl ❤️

  10. This is so neat to read. I’ve never danced (regret) but my daughter does and loves it. I hope she continues with her passion and I can support her.

  11. Aaaaawwwww…this is so nnniiiccceeeee and encouraging to everybody out there, that has to step out of their shell, formally and experience life, at it’s best….I mean, what beats dancing in the whole world?

  12. I had been wanting to learn ballroom dancing all my life and finally found a partner to learn with me. One time we were on the dance floor at a resort and the people thought we were part of the show. Once we learned the steps, it was a lot easier than it looked.

  13. That is so cool. I was a dancer as a young person but after college, I got out of the habit. My husband and I took salsa lessons ( asking me about salsa was his first words to me EVER) and our first dance at our wedding was a salsa. But after that, life got in the way…

    I miss dancing a lot. You have given me something to think about.

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