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Growth Goals To Set In 2021

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When I think about what helps me to grow as a leader, there are several things that come to mind. Each of these things I’ve been able to think deeply about. They are life changing and life giving. Growth goals can be fun to plan (if you’re the planning type) but not always fun to do. I propose that we break things down a bit and really get into how to be effective in setting growth goals.

2021 Year Of Growth

What’s Important To You?

This is gonna get you going on what it is that you’re after. It will be what will get you through the tough times when you just want to give up. It will get you going and get you growing. I can tell you from my own experience growing doesn’t always feel like growth at the time. It can feel like I’m at a stand still and sitting in a painful place. But at the end of accomplishing a goal, we are able to look back and see where it was that we had a breakthrough which then allowed us to grow.

Map Out Each Important Area

This means writing it down. Write down about 5 areas that you want to work on. Try not to overwhelm yourself. If 5 is too much, then start with fewer. If 5 is too little, then challenge yourself with more. Be sure to know your limit and don’t try too much right away. Growing in a new area, can sometimes take more hard work then we realize so it’s important to not do too much to overwhelm ourselves.

Be Specific In Your Growth Goals

Make sure that you are as detailed as possible. This will help give you clarity in the day to day plans and will also help you to follow through on your goals. It will help remind you each day what you need to be doing in order to get to get to where you want to be next.

Give Yourself A Time Frame For Every Growing Goal

When you incorporate this growth goal strategy, you need to take into account your abilities, skill level and your obligations. Having self awareness is key. Everyone is different in how much time they need to learn. Make sure you give yourself a reasonable time frame to get what you need to done. If you have a hard time with this, start small. You can always build up your time. Give yourself grace and keep pursuing your goal.

Hold Yourself Accountable

This can look a little bit different for people. Some people are great at holding themselves accountable. Those who are go getters and love crossing off to do lists, may not have as hard of a time with this. Those who dread certain areas of work may not have as much of an easy time. It’s important we know our strengths and limitations. If getting things done on time is an area where you struggle, incorporate help from people or resources. Allow supportive people, who you trust to be apart of holding you accountable.

Reward Yourself For Your Growth

For some of us, this is something we don’t do enough of. But I’ve learned that if there is some reward at the end of it and I’m reminding myself of it, the process is much more motivating. For example, I enjoy traveling. So much. One thing that gets me pursuing my health goals, is the fact that I wanna look good and feel good in a swimsuit. I keep this in mind every time I’m tempted by something that is deterring me from getting to my growth goal.

Now that we have talked about getting going on our Growth Goals for 2021, what will you be pursuing? I’d love to know. To help you in the process I’ve added Cute Animal Print Downloadable Planners that I’ve created to help you stay on track. These Planners are so wonderful for so many reasons. They have the Month, Week, and Days all broken down according to your needs with to do lists and meal prep lists. They also have Inspirational Pages for encouragement and Social Media holidays. What’s also great is that you can use the majority of this downloadable Planner not just in 2021 but in other years to come.


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  1. I love these tips, I create new goals for myself everyday, one I have recently is learning sign language. Hopefully I can achieve it

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