Gift ideas that stand out for Fathers Day

Gifts that stand out for Fathers day

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It’s almost here and let’s be honest, it may have slipped your mind of what to get your father, step-father, husband, or father figure for Fathers day. I say this only because it might be me.  Guys can be a little on the simple side and don’t always voice their wants or needs. At least I know mine doesn’t do that. It can often be a guessing game. So what do you get for the guy that is simple or has everything they want or need already?

I have listed a couple ideas in hopes of helping give you a little direction in your endeavors. If you find it useful, I would love to hear back from you your thoughts.

Fathers day gifts that have meaning

Picture art that sends a message of love

A thoughtful gift in has meaning behind it.  Pictures have a way of speaking to the heart. Sometimes they don’t even need any interpretation, depending on the image. The more expression, the easier it is to see the heart behind the image. This is a great gift for the day that loves his kids and is a little on the sensitive side.

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Gift ideas that stand out for Fathers day

Another cute idea, if you are limited on funds is to hold onto some artwork from your kids and frame them. You can remind them to hang it up in their office. This picture was made by super creative, future famous artist Lily who is only 4 years old but is a coloring expert.

Gifts that stand out for Fathers day

Sports Jersey of dad’s favorite team

A great idea for Fathers day is to buy him his favorite sports team jersey and if not too costly take him to a game. What’s great about this gift is that you can get him excited to spend some time with the family and save some money to go to a few games during the summer months.

My dad who is a huge baseball fan loves this gift. In the past we have all worn Twins jerseys and went to the game on Father’s day. It was pretty memorable and something my dad always cherishes. Plus if you live in Minnesota and with how well they have been playing, you will want to go to a game.

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If you are limited on funds, another great idea is to buy dad a football, Frisbee, or basketball then ride bike to the park to play a little.  This is a wonderful gift idea and a gift that you can use on many occasions.

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9 thoughts on “Gift ideas that stand out for Fathers Day

  1. These are awesome ideas! I would love to get my dad his favorite team’s jersey but sadly it’s rare to get one here, specially his fave team (its a local basketball team here in PH). Thank you for the tip! ❤

  2. Love the Sports jersey idea!! It’s something I hadn’t thought of and I think it is something my Dad would love:)

  3. Brilliant idea! Picture art will be a perfect gift for Dads. Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ By any chance you are interested on doing collaborations, you can check out the collaborations portal of and connect with amazing brands!


  4. Nice pictures and lovely ideas.Love the Sports jersey idea,as this is the one i did not thought of but as my dad will love it.He go to the local sports club with his friends every evening to play football.He can wear that jersey when he is going to club.

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