Beautiful and Diverse

Beautiful and Diverse
Models from left to right: Magnolia Lewis-Walker, myself, and Michelle Wang Photographer: John Other Medicine

In diversity there is beauty and there is strength.      -Maya Angelou

I find it encouraging that what makes us beautiful is what makes us diverse.
It is fascinating how every single person on this planet is made different. When you think about that reality doesn’t it make you wonder why we are diverse? It’s like God carried out this amazing plan in creating us and said “great now they can learn from each other.”beauty and diversity

The problem comes, when we become “know it all’s” who are unteachable and unwilling to see in another’s perspective. Our heart can become hard and numb, unable to experience connection. We let our experience, history, society, people, religion and media influence us. This isn’t entirely bad but if we don’t go back to the truth of our identity from God’s (the creator and author) standpoint we can get lost in a bunch of opinions that can appear as facts.

beauty and diversity

So what does your Creator say about you and others? Why did he create you and I? Your true purpose, is what makes you incredibly beautiful. The Bible tells us that we were “made in the image of God.” Let that sink it. You and everyone around you were made with that power and greatness. So when it comes to competing and outdoing another person, I have to ask why?

We were all made with the same greatness. The only difference is that we have different looks and strengths. Once you grab ahold of who you truly are, you will begin to see beauty all around you. Your focus wont be just on bettering yourself or your agenda- it will be on helping others achieve their dreams.

beauty and diversity
Model: Michelle Wang Photographer: John Other Medicine

A few months ago I did a photoshoot with a couple of friends (pictured in post) who I met through modeling. As I have grown to know them, I find myself inspired by them. For that reason I said “you guys we need to do a photoshoot.” Both completely different looks and personality. Even the way they pose is different and I love it!

Together we were able to get creative and have fun learning from each other.  Our biggest obstacle the day of- the rain. This could have made us quit as a team but it didn’t.

beautiful and diverse

There are obstacles in diversity. It requires us getting uncomfortable. It requires us not doing something we are use to.  When we allow this in our lives we add to our character and to the character of those we are in communication with. We are able to see the relationship grow and build when we allow ourselves to be uncomfortable for another person.

Beautiful and Diverse
Models from left to right: Nia Yang, Magnolia Lewis-Walker, Cassi Rose, Michelle Wan, Sara Geurts, Myself Photographer: Michaela Rae Photo
A special bond happens when you endure obstacles together. Click To Tweet

Respect, acceptance, love, understanding, depth, honesty, and trust is built. I’m a Christian no doubt but one of my closest friends is not. In fact, I’m a little embarassed to say this  but in the beginning of our friendship we were annoyed by eachother more often then not. We didn’t accept eachothers viewpoints one bit.

I don’t believe that it was a conisidence that she was placed strategically in my life with no way of breaking free from her completely. She would be laughing at this if she were reading this right now. You would think this diversity would cause a rift in our friendship but it has actually made it stronger. We love each other even though our beliefs are diverse.                                                                                                                                       

I believe that we can have unity in diversity and I believe we can see the beauty come from it. The question really is what you choose. What will you choose to believe? What will you choose to act on? It’s really up to you, which is pretty darn freeing. I hope you choose to look at each and every person that’s not like you and say in both word and actions “your beautiful” and truly mean it with your whole heart.

Be blessed & bless others,

Coach Dani



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  1. Beautiful article. I agree! There is definite strength in DIVERSITY. I pray for my country right now(USA)where the current president does not value our diversity and how to continue spreading the love of God to whomever I become acquainted with.

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