Photo Credit: John Other Medicine

Step In Her Heels believes in empowering every person to be a creative leader.  In order for us to become a “creative leader” we need to understand and care about helping others.  We need to “Step in the Heels” of someone we may not know or care about, in order to see the perspective of the one who has been wearing the heels. Step In Her Heels believes that together we can use our skills, resources and genuine love for people to make a difference in our communities. Our goal is not just to inspire people but to help each valuable person make steps forward towards their destiny of caring and impacting people.

How do we make steps forward? This is where I come into the picture…(literally?)

photo by James Billson

 I’m Dani- Life Coach, Model, Blogger and Friend. Through a series of relationships, careers, and life experiences I’ve come to realize what matters in life is caring, loving and journeying with people through life joys and messes. My goal is to get to know you- what’s important to and for you. Set up an action plan and hold you accountable to reach your goals/dreams.