7 Ways To Know You’re In The Right Relationship

In the right relationship…

Your goals line up

This means you first off, have goals for the future.  You want the same things and your purpose in life is the same.   Although both people may have different gifts, abilities and passions that they are pursuing, at the end of the day what they stand for in life, lines up with one another and is being pursued.  In the right relationship, having differences of gifts and abilities can be an asset for a couple.  They are able to help each other and challenge the other in growing in a new area.

In the right relationship

In the right relationship…

You communicate well

It’s no surprise that men and women communicate different. We were made different so there are gonna be some challenges. That is part of the knowing and growing process. The right couple will not shy away from communicating. You need to put assumptions aside and whether or not someone gets offended by your words, you need to be an honest communicator. When you communicate, it gives you the ability to learn about your partner and make the right decisions concerning your relationship. It gives you understanding, vision and a plan for your future together. You are able to progress and move forward in the relationship.

In the right relationship…

Both partners demonstrate integrity

You do the right thing, even when you are scared the outcome may not be what you want. This is how you build trust in a relationship. Trust is foundational. It is a requirement for a successful relationship. Two people who have integrity will not look at selfish gain. They will value the relationship and therefore be honest with their partner and will make sure their is absolutely no confusion over direction of relationship. If there are questions- make sure you ask them. If your partner leaves you feeling confused and as if the answers are general and vague- this can be a good indication that your partner isn’t living with integrity in the relationship. Make sure truth is spoken and clearly understood.

In the right relationship…

You show authentic love to each other

This can be a confusing thing in today’s world. Tough love can be seen as cruel or harsh, when in reality it can be a blessing to your partner. Honesty with modesty in your words and actions. You should always want the very best for your partner. Sometimes this might mean telling them something that is hard for them to hear but in the end benefits them in their life. In John 15:13 it says “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.” Jesus demonstrated love completely. He is the best example of love for us. Love is sacrificial which also makes it selfless. When you show love to someone your sacrificing your own needs, wants and desires, in order to care for and see the best for you partner.

The right relationship has…

Healthy boundaries

What this really boils down to is respect and safety for your partner. In the right relationship you will establish boundaries by talking about what can/cannot be said and done in the relationship. Then you stick to those boundaries. Someone that pressures you to do something outside of what you feel is comfortable and safe is not someone who respects boundaries. The right relationship will make boundaries known, stick to them and respect them. This can be a tricky one because everyone has their own set of boundaries. What can seem safe for one person, may not be for another. It’s not up for us to assume and decide for someone, what they are capable of doing or not doing.

The right relationship has…

Awareness of themselves and their partner

You should know before getting into a relationship who you are. This means you have an awareness of your strengths, weaknesses, values and goals. When you know this, then you are able to bring value not only to yourself but also to your partner. Your partner is able to bring value to your life as well. You are able to establish ways of using who you are to grow together as a couple.

The right relationship…

Motivates us to be positive

We all are motivated in different ways. Positive thinking puts our minds on a fast track to making a difference around us. When both partners are positive in words, actions and patterns, it inspires them do something amazing with their life. When someone believes in us and encourages us, it gives us the drive to walk in that encouragement and be the best version of ourselves. Positivity connects us with our partner and allows us to see how much they really do care about us and are for us in life. Positivity needs to be given by both partners. The right relationship is like a team that cheers each other on. Positive words and actions breed positive results for us and our relationship.


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  1. This is wonderful advice. I know for me personally, finding my fiancé has been a life changing experience for me. When it’s right, you just know! I also think it’s extremely important to have goals that align with one other, that way the relationship isn’t split into two different directions.

    -Madi xo |

  2. What an incredible sweet post. Finding the right relationship is so important for so many reasons. I feel very blessed for the one that I am in right now!

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