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7 Practices Of Successful Leaders And How They Are Transformative

Successful Leaders Success is defined “an accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” When we are put in a leadership role whether it be a parent, teacher, business owner or wherever you have to accomplish an aim- you need certain skills to accomplish that aim/purpose.

Most of us start out not knowing what we are doing, when we are put in a brand new role. Others it’s just a natural thing to step into it due to our natural abilities and giftings. So since most of us don’t have the natural abilities, I will be sharing 7 practices of successful leaders and how they can truly be effective in transforming lives.

Successful Leaders

1st Practice of Successful Leaders…


Teachability is so important when it comes to being a successful leader. Teachable people are humble and continually looking for areas where they can grow.  For that reason, not only do you as a leader transform but those that are under your direction benefit from your practice of being teachable.

Being teachable means that you listen and follow through with those whose authority you are under. You are intentional and actively progressing in breaking bad patterns and setting up good patterns, in order to be better and do better for you and your team.

If you aren’t being teachable, you may need to ask yourself:

am I under the right or wrong direction/ leadership?

is there something that I am doing to hinder the grow process and what is it?

what steps do I need to take, in order to be teachable?

Always be a student-even when you are put in a teaching role. The best leaders don't have an answer to everything, they have better questions that develop their mind and spirit. Click To Tweet

Successful Leaders

2nd practice of successful leaders…

Successful leaders practice Empathy

Someone once said to me that you can’t teach someone to care. This is essential truth to learn because it will be your guide in positively influencing others. When a person has empathy they care and they go beyond caring. Having empathy means you care and love so much, that you will put yourself in uncomfortable situations in order to meet people where they are. You wont assume their needs but instead take care of their needs.

Successful leaders journey with the individual through the ups and downs and you continually seek to understand and show care through words and deeds. You listen to their heart and needs, taking yourself out of what you think to be true in order to see someone else’s experiences, perspective and needs. Successful leaders who have empathy are helpful and they can see the progress from the help.

successful leadership

3rd practice of successful leaders…

Successful leaders practice Integrity

There are some people who will do things in order to gain for themselves but I believe in the end, they lose.  They lose credibility, trust of others, joy in the everyday and the list goes on. Integrity is about doing what is right for the sake of what is healthy for not just themselves but for others. They take their selfish desires and goals out of the equation to fulfill a life that builds others up and moves people forward in life.

In the end, these people may not end up with the larger crowd but they end up with the better, loyal crowd. When leaders walk in integrity, it shows others that they are trustworthy. They may do the “unpopular” thing but they stick to their values and character even when they think it will cost them. Great leaders recognize great leaders and amazing work can be accomplished as a result.

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Successful Leaders

The 4th practice of successful leaders is…

Good Communication

Good communication happens when we don’t assume people know what and how to perform. Rather we ask individuals good and relevant questions to get an idea for where they are at in the process of their journey to growth.  Good communication comes after we have listened, heard and respected a person clearly on a matter. Click To Tweet Leaders who communicate effectively will communicate in a way that suites the other persons needs and understanding.  Successful leaders will put into practice communication styles that influence each person on an individual base and will use it to reach out to them.  Great leaders who do this will see this effective practice working well for them, as they try different approaches to better help others.

Leaders that use good communication strategies communicate in a way that makes sense, is easy to follow (even though task may not be easy) and is inspiring.  Successful leaders who are good communicators will make it easier for their audience to follow them.

Successful Leadership

5th practice of Successful leaders…


This means that they are brave about sharing with others their true selves and they open others up to do the same.  They stay true to themselves even if it disappoints some. Followers who are lead by authentic leaders, learn maturity, understanding, respect and responsibility. Most of all they learn that, in order to, successfully connect with the right people (those who are meant to be in our life), we need to be our honest selves.  Growth and maturity progresses when we are our authentic selves. For this reason, we are able to lead others in a successful direction. If we aren't authentic, we lose the opportunity to create strong connections and bring people closer together. Click To Tweet

successful leaders

6th practice of Successful leaders is..

Self Awareness

When you have an awareness of who you are- strengths/weaknesses, gifts, abilities, values and character, then you have an idea of what you are capable of doing and where you know you fit best. You are able to see where you can lead effectively. Leaders who have great self awareness know where they are going, have vision and have the resources to get to their goal/destination.

Self Awareness allows people to lead in a way where they can utilize their strengths and gifting to challenge, encourage and journey with others. As a result leaders help their audience find who they are and discover their true calling in life.

Successful Leaders

7th practice of a Successful leader is…

They Innovate.

Innovation is described as the process of changing, altering.  Someone who is innovative has new ideas. These are some of the most successful creative leaders.  Successful leaders who practice innovation have a lot of tenacity. They do not give up easily. When life gets hard, they look for answers and will look at ways to find solutions that will work.

If you ever get around a successful leader that practices being innovative, be aware. They will inspire and motivate you in new ways. Innovative leaders can have some of the best “out of the box” ideas. They take “out of the box” ideas and are able to move forward and use strategy to get amazing results.

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