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5 Habits That Drain Your Energy and How To Take Back That Energy

Not long ago, I was watching a short TikTok video that talked about what drains our energy. Although- short and sweet, it got me digging deeper to search and find what I had been missing. It got me thinking- what habit changes in my life are needed to live a more fulfilling life?

habits to incorporate in your life

Do you feel stuck in the obligation or distracted cycle of life? This post is intended to bring you back to a more centered place. Let’s take action steps to move in a direction that uplifts and brings us to where we need to be. You and I were made for great things. We are destined to love and connect where it matters.

Habit #1 That Drains Your Energy:

Too Much Social Media

Did you know that with every notification that you get on our phone, it sets off cortisol in your body? This is a distraction that can set you up to feel overwhelmed. Now with so many new changes and “upgrades” to things like Facebook or Instagram, we have a lot going on. More distractions to keep us occupied by things that in the end, don’t matter and steal our joy and peace.

Social Media can be a HUGE distraction and can take us away from those we love the most, who are in our real everyday face-to-face life. I have heard stories from people who have disconnected their Facebook or have taken a break from going on it. Not only do they feel better but they have more clarity over their priorities.

Habit #1 To Take Back Your Energy:

Set Boundaries On Your Social Media

I understand that many people have a hard time limiting and setting boundaries on their social media. And it’s much harder if you’re required with your business to be on social media. Boundaries can be a difficult habit to set and keep. Being disciplined in setting boundaries, is a habit that will help you get and stay healthy. It will also be an overflow of help to those around you.

I don’t believe you need to get rid of any social media, in order to prioritize. Just remember what you need to prioritize, when you go on social media. Be disciplined and do what you set out to do- in order to help people and strengthen who are. Give a time frame if it helps. Create a to do list for what you need to do.

When it comes to prioritizing and setting boundaries- be specific, set a time, and stick to it everyday, in order to create a healthy routine. Click To Tweet

Habit #2 That Drains Your Energy:

Not Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep is what recharges us and sets us up for success. So when we aren’t getting a proper amount of sleep, we run into problems like anxiety, fatigue, lack of concentration. A lack of sleep sets us up for a risk of healthcare problems- diabetes, heart disease, and brain performance.

Habit #2 To Take Back Your Energy:

Get A Proper Amount Of Quality Sleep Every Night

According to the National Sleep Foundation the recommended sleep is as follows:

  • Newborns: 14-17 hours
  • Infants: 12-15 hours
  • Toddlers: 11-14 hours
  • Preschoolers: 10-13 hours
  • School-aged Kids 9-11 hours
  • Teenagers: 8-10 hours
  • Young Adults: 7-9 hours
  • Adults: 7-9 hours
  • Older Adults: 7-8 hours

Easier said then done, am I right? But now that you have an idea of what your body needs, you can get started on a plan for better sleep.

Something I find so helpful, is sleeping with my Galaxy watch on. Any smart watch can give you a good reading. I sleep with it on and it gives me an accurate record of how much time I sleep. When I started doing this, I was actually shocked at how little of sleep my body was getting and the lack of quality of sleep it was getting. It records your awake time, light, REM, and deep sleep time. REM and deep sleep is the highest quality of sleep.

Deep sleep is about rebuilding and repairing the body. It has been known to help strengthen the immune system. According to studies, REM helps with memory and emotion regulation. Having this knowledge, has given me the awareness I need, in order to move forward in planning for a good night of quality and quantity sleep.

Shut Off Electronics 60 Minutes Before Bed

Our bodies naturally produce melatonin which help us get to sleep. Bluelight from our laptop or phone prevent our bodies from producing melatonin. This is why it’s so important to shut off electronics at least 60 minutes before bed. Our bodies need prep time in order to fall asleep.

Other things have been known to work as well. Breathing techniques and meditation have helped people fall to sleep. Every person is different and so the needs can vary. You may need to find ways that help you.

habits to incorporate into your life everyday
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Habit #3 That Drains Your Energy:

Giving Your Time To Negative People

Don’t get me wrong, we all have our lows and need to vent at times. But when we have people in our lives that are continually negative, making no progress, it depletes us. Our thoughts then change and how we act and behave eventually manifests. We were never meant to live in a constant state of stressing. Negative people don’t practice gratitude, nor do they think of ways to give without expectation or a return of some sort. When we allow space in our lives for negative people, it can cause us serious health problems.

One of my favorite people to listen to, Dr. Caroline Leaf, Neuroscientist talks about the importance of positive thoughts. Through brain scans Dr. Caroline Lead shares how brain waves respond to negative and positive thoughts. She says that “positive brain waves grow and look like trees bearing fruit.” She goes on to explain that negative thoughts don’t grow but actually are like decaying roots.

This is why it is so important to choose positive thinking people. We need to support each other, hold one another accountable and lift each other up. Life can be hard but we need reminding that we are tough and have the strength from God, people and ourselves to come out of every situation overcoming.

good habits to incorporate into your life
Myself & close friend at Mount Hood in Oregon
Please excuse the messy hair and little to no makeup…we we’re hiking all day

Habit #3 To Take Back Your Energy:

Invest Time In Positive People Who Care

By no means are relationships and friendships easy but they should feel light and with little to no worry. We were meant to be around people who inspire, support, encourage and challenge us. These people meet us where we are at without ridiculously high expectations. They see who we truly are and encourage us with truth, that helps us and gives strength to us. Anytime I wonder who is “for me” and willing to invest, I think of the Brene Brown quote that says “If you are not in the arena getting your ass kicked with me, I’m not interested in your feedback.” People who are for us go into the ring with us. They help us fight our battle and encourage us to keep fighting.

It’s important to be aware of what we do for people and what they do for us. Not so it can be a competition but so that we know how to properly love and receive genuine love from people. Most people know when you care and when you don’t. When someone really loves you, you don’t have to question their love, commitment or intentions. There is no confusion in love. Out of that love we are able to give and receive value. Value flows out of the love we have. If we want to thrive with people, we need to be asking the question- how do we bring value to each other? This can really be a great step to a very empowering relationship.

Habit #4 That Drains Your Energy:

Too Much High Intensity Exercise

Some of you exercise enthusiasts may argue with me on this one but do your research before arguing. When you put too much pressure on your body, then your body perceives it as a form of stress. This stimulates the release of cortisol. And if your looking to loose weight, this will have the opposite effect. One noticeable thing, is that you can be susceptible to belly fat.

Habit #4 To Take Back Your Energy:

Go On Low Intensity Walks

Walking is great exercise. It actually balances out your cortisol levels. On top of that, if you are walking outside, you are able to get your Vitamin D which will boost your mood. Walking has so many benefits. It lowers blood pressure and strengthens the heart. Walking can help you relieve insomnia and slows down mental decline. Don’t believe me? Dig into what the health experts have to say.

Habit #5 That Drains Your Energy

Eating Junk

This one is no surprise to people. We all know we should be eating better. But we eat junk food for a number of reasons. Sometimes it’s cravings. Other times- it’s comfort. What we put into our bodies has a lasting affect on our health and our energy. Too much sugar can raise blood pressure and inflammation which can lead to heart disease. And what about alcohol? Too much alcohol can lead to liver disease, stroke, and heart attacks. The list goes on.

God formed each of our bodies to need nutrients that replenish us, give us energy and the support we need to conquer our day. When our body craves something, that is an indication that we are need certain vitamins and nutrients.

Habit #5: To Take Back Our Energy

Eat healthy. Easy to do right? Let’s focus on gut health. If we start incorporating foods that support gut health, then we will help our bodies function better. A healthy gut has healthy bacteria that helps to ward off bacteria and viruses. Foods that are rich in prebiotics and probiotics are going to help your gut. I can’t remember which- but I was listening to a podcast or reading a book on gut health. The health expert explained prebiotics and probiotics in a way which made so much sense to me. He gave an analogy of a working car. One acts as the car and the other as gas for your car. Together they work to keep your gut healthy. To learn why you need them, check out an article by Mayo Clinic

Choose Healthy Habits

Just think of how much our lives could be thriving, as a result of the habits we choose. Charles Duhigg, from “The Power Of Habit” says “Most of the choices we make feel like the products of well considered decision making, but they’re not. They’re habits.” The great thing about habits are that they are embedded in us because of the consistent time we spent making decisions for ourselves everyday. If we were to love, be loved and be brought and bring value to peoples lives, just think of how impacting our lives would be.

You and I were made for great things. We are destined to love and connect where it matters. We were made to live a life of impact. Now we just need to decide to make everyday as great as we possibly can.

Be blessed & bless others,


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22 thoughts on “5 Habits That Drain Your Energy and How To Take Back That Energy

  1. Your points for getting a good nights sleep are so spot on! I know that I suffer from feeling I need to do other things than really getting a good nights sleep.

  2. I’m so much more focused and peaceful when I have phone notifications turned off! Everyone should try it!

  3. I am completely guilty of too much social media….I definitely need to set those boundaries. That will probably help my sleep a lot.

  4. Hello, I like the point where you talk about shutting phone or laptop before sleep, it is so hard for me to leave phone before I sleep. But I meditate almost every night and it helps ms to fall a sleep.

  5. Nailed it! #1 and #2 definitely go together for me. I like your suggestion of shutting electronics down 60 mins before bed. No more laying in bed rounding out the day checking social media. I’m ready to take back my energy!

  6. It’s all about good habits and setting healthy boundaries. I’ll add that even if a portion of your business is on social media you can absolutely schedule time away. Try automating as much as possible if you want to keep turning out content. You can also hire a VA for those tasks that do require human resources.

    Nathalia | NathaliaFit – Fitness & Wellness Blog

  7. I love that you included how to take your energy back. For me, I am the worst at putting down my electronics before bed! It gets me every time. I think 60 mins is a good idea and I need to try it!

  8. I agree with most of these. Eating well and getting enough sleep are musts. But, I am a runner and I find running perks me up when I am tired I trained for a marathon last year, running 16, 18 and 20 miles on weekends, and didn’t find that it zapped me of energy. It was the opposite. Perhaps high intensity exercise is relative? But I find exercise, specifically running, very energizing.

  9. Too much intense exercise is something that drains me both mentally and physically. I count calories and macros. Intense exercise allows more calories to eat. However, I have realized I get tired easily and must take a break often.

  10. Ahhhh this is so right on the money. Too much social media scrolling & junk food are my two worst energy draining habits. Thank you for the suggestions on how to overcome them!!

  11. All excellent suggestions … that eating junk is a big one … especially when I eat too much sugar

  12. You are so right! I’ve had more energy since I set some serious boundaries on using technology in general. I find another one is too much caffeine, hydrating leaves you feel more refreshed.

  13. I only receive text message notifications and nothing else. The items you listed not only drain physical your energy but your mental and emotional energy as well. Thanks for the subtle reminder of what is important.

  14. Love this! ? I am sooo bad at using my phone right up until I fall asleep. I totally agree that we need to cut out those toxic habits but it’s so hard to do.

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