4 reasons why you should set and keep your healthy standards

Healthy Standards

We all have an idea of what we consider good and healthy “standards.” Men and women believe that what they set for standards is reasonable whether it really is high or not. We have standards that we put on ourselves and others. What standards do you place on people? When setting your standards whether in friendships, relationships, or job relations, it’s important to recognize what are reasonable and healthy standards.

Let’s first define what a standard is. According the dictionary, a standard is defined as “a rule or principle that is used as a basis for judgement.” We live in a world where people are continually judging others based on clothing decisions, words they speak and decisions they pursue.

Healthy Standards

It can be a good thing and be a bad thing to have standards. What I want to bring to the light is what standards are good and healthy to have. What standards will help people move forward, get motivated and inspired and overall transform them into a better human being.

The first reason we should set and keep healthy standards is this…

Healthy Standards

Reason #1:

Healthy standards keep the good in and the bad out

Now I know this isn’t always the case. Sometimes we come across people that will say that they have the same healthy standards as us, only to find out later on their words and actions don’t match up.

A person that recognizes your standards and applauds you for them is a good first step. They are able to see that your standards are good because they can recognize them in their own life.

Your next step is to give it time. Jumping into a new job or a new relationship is a huge gamble. I know because I have been there. Make sure you ask all the right questions, do your research and give it time. I really appreciate companies and people who ask good, specific questions and don’t hire me right away.

If you give it a yes right away, be aware that you’re committing your time and energy to something that might end up to be a huge disaster. Not only that but you wont give it your all because your unsure of what is expected and whether the company/person is a good fit. Know what you’re getting into. The good, will in time, be recognizable and you wont have to convince yourself to take the job or relationship.

Healthy Standards

Reason #2:

Healthy standards set you up to succeed

I don’t know how you define success but for me success is moving forward. It is not about having the perfect life, it’s about the journey of learning, growing and progressing. You succeed when you set and maintain healthy standards for yourself and others. Click To TweetYour impact will go a long way as you go after passions that move yourself and people forward.

Great leaders will be able to see the positive progress and will seek to get on board with collaborating and pursuing goals together. It’s encouraging when you find these types of people. They are very helpful in inspiring you, as you move forward.

Healthy Standards

Reason #3:

Healthy standards give your life meaning

When you are able to set standards for yourself and others, you can understand what really matters and go after it. Your life has so much meaning when you allow certain people in it. The good (people and opportunities) that comes in your life from your standards will not only move you forward but begin to feel meaningful.

Progress, no matter how big or small, will give you a sense of happiness. Click To Tweet Then as you continue in that progress you will be able to reflect how meaningful your life is according to that progress. It’s the best feeling in the world when you work really hard on something challenging and are able to get a breakthrough on it. It’s not always about celebrating the huge success either, sometimes it’s just about celebrating all the little steps to get you to your success.

Healthy Standards

Reason #4:

Healthy standards give you specific direction

Healthy standards give you specific direction for your life. When you have the right people in your life, along with progress being made, and are feeling fulfilled, you can see what direction to take. People who have healthy standards know themselves, understand people, and have vision for the future. Click To TweetIt’s not some far off dream to them to do something big because they know all that they (and their partner) possess. Not only do they have direction but they know how to get to their destination. They have a roadmap of how to get their and have a reasonable idea of how long it will take to get there.

Healthy Standards

Whatever standards you set for yourself make sure you ask yourself these questions:

Are your standards helpful? If they aren’t moving you and others forward, then you need to change your approach.

Are they positive and life giving? Meaning do they encourage you? Do they inspire you to move forward? People are most motivated when they can see a good result and have the confidence that they are able to achieve success.

Do the standards set, fulfill the needs of people? A leader can spot needs and will look for opportunities to meet the needs of others.

Be patient with yourself and others. We are all on a journey of learning.

Be blessed & bless others,

Healthy Standards

14 thoughts on “4 reasons why you should set and keep your healthy standards

  1. I especially agree with #4 – I recently started to do an ab workout for the whole month of August, and having a set schedule and knowing what to do really gave me direction and took the guesswork out of it ?

  2. I think that healthy standards are definitely important. People want to say that they don’t judge, but it’s human nature to do so — and you do it without thinking about it.

  3. I totally agree that one should set up standards that give one’s life meaning. I will freely admit that I set up pretty high standards for myself, but I also am very tenacious and will not give up easily, even when my mind and/or body want to. However, some of the standards that I set up for myself give me the needed motivation to continue persevering.

  4. Nice article and beautifully written, it’s right if we want to make some good changes in our lives we should keep our standards high and healthy. Thanks for sharing.

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