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3 truths you should know about behaviors

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What influences a persons behavior can be a number of things- from emotion, genetics, coercion, values and culture. Recognizing behaviors is an ongoing journey as life changes. Some people have lived with certain behaviors most of their lives without even realizing the behaviors they demonstrate and how they affect those around them. Factors such as physical illness, trauma or a history of abuse can play a huge part in behavior. My hope is to help you and/or those around you become aware and give you good points to take with you on your journey.

Let’s start with some truths, so that, we are conditioned to understand…

3 truths about behaviors

Truth #1: Behaviors reflect the heart

There is the saying that everyone knows- “actions speak louder than words.” Well not only do they speak louder then words, but they also reveal the heart. That is why asking the question to ourselves and those 1-2 people we trust most “what’s really going on in my heart?” is essential. We can’t progress if we don’t deal with our core issues(s).

If you don’t know then ask the people who know you best. Also be prepared to get an answer that you may not want to hear but will help you recognize the issue in order to deal with it. If you do not have these people, it would be wise to talk to professionals who can help you navigate your thoughts.

Recognize when you have a bad attitude, easily agitated or talk destructively. These are all signs that your heart needs some reflecting and some mending. You are no good to yourself or anyone else if you are not taking care of you. Click To Tweet Sick people just make others sick and at best they half ass their work, out of a prideful place. If you think about it, even sick people who do work, end up regretting, resenting and wearing themselves out even more. Resting and taking care of yourself is the best option when you are not well.

3 truths about behaviors

Truth #2: Behaviors reveal character

Behaviors have a way of showcasing character. They reveal the type of person someone is. This really is an extension of our first point. Someone can have something good/bad that they stand for in their heart but it may not necessarily reflect their character. While what you hold in your heart can be circumstantial- character is not. Character is who you are. Over time as you seek to grow and learn your character can develop. Behavior can showcase your character both good and bad.

A great example of this:

Behavior- child screams and throws a fit because his feelings were hurt by a kid that told him he looked ugly in his new shoes.

Heart- emotional

Character- child has a tender heart

Moving on…

Truth #3: Behavior shows maturity level

When we look at a persons overall behavior, over the course of substantial time we are able to see the maturity level of a person. I don’t know about you but I know I have often equated maturity as respectable and attractive. However, when you really think about it- aren’t we all immature in areas? Therefore it’s not really a good or bad thing to be immature in some areas, it just is. We are all on a separate journey with different strengths and weaknesses and learning to move on to be better and do better.

Behavior showcases a persons maturity level. How someone deals with life happenings will show if they have matured in that area. As we get older and deal with hard, confusing and frustrating circumstances as long as we have learned to cope with them in healthy ways, we have resilience. It’s like exercising. At first it’s draining, hurts and gives us frustration. But the more we work out and exercise those muscles in our bodies, the more we are able to cope and deal with those happenings.

Problems come into play when we have not dealt with the issues in a healthy way. Research shows that 1 in 4 people will be affected by a mental illness. This is scary to think about when we are all at different levels of maturity.

Even more frightening to know that some people don’t have the support system or the voice to communicate what is wrong. Then when people do communicate we dismiss it, minimize it or don’t effectively get them the help they really need due to not caring or not understanding. This is why we see some catastrophes take place in our world. Let’s work to change this, shall we?

Where to go?

When we recognize behaviors within ourselves or others that require getting help, we need know what works and what doesn’t.

After researching and seeing how experiences have worked, I have come to the realization that if people stick to a plan, consistently give it time, the outcome can be transforming.

CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-

has shown to be very beneficial and effective treatment for those with anxiety, post traumatic and phobias. It has the lowest relapse rate.


When taken consistently and correctly can help a person stay on course with life

Talk Therapy-

Research shows talking through your issues can discharge negative mindsets.

Change doesn't happen overnight. It takes time, consistency and a will to keep going. Every stage of the process poses new challenges. Click To Tweet Here is the thing though, do you want to quit and live a life of struggle or do you want to do the hard challenges, get breakthrough and have an amazing story that will impact others? It’s your choice and I hope that you chose to invest in the challenges.

Be blessed and bless others,

9 thoughts on “3 truths you should know about behaviors

  1. This is very informative. It’s important to remember not to overreact to other people’s negative behaviors and just shake it off. Sometimes easier said than done.

  2. It’s is my believe to that our heart’s determine how we behave.I agree that maturity also does play a good role in how we behave.

  3. This was such an interesting read! Ans I adore that it invites a lot of reflecting and soul searching. Sometimes we don’t even notice our true feelings until they bubble over. But our behaviour can let them shine. It’s important that we realize and reflect upon that. Thank you for sharing ♡

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