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3 Reasons Why We Give With Power And Purpose

 #1: Power and purposeful giving meets the needs of people

Giving with power and purpose can be a wonderful adventure, if our focus is on giving what is available and has thought behind it. Each one of us has tremendous influence and potential to transform lives.

Being practical, creative and personal is essential when we are thinking about appropriate ways to give. Your own personality and uniqueness is an asset to the giving process.  Your creativity, availability and empathy allows you to meet the needs of a person. In the end, it has the power to meet more needs, all because you met that one persons need.

power and purposeful giving

Another reason why we should give with power and purpose…

#2: Power and purposeful giving generates practicality, creativity and a healthy you.

It frees you up to be all that you were created to be.  Giving helps you to understand who you are and how to be the best version of yourself. It puts into perspective why you are here and how to better the world and yourself. It makes you a healthy person. There are studies that actually show the health benefits of giving. Did you know that when you help others, it actually triggers a release of oxytocin which boosts your mood?

power and purposeful giving

#3: Power and Purposeful Giving connects us to others and builds our relationships

When you get to the end of your life, what is going to matter most? We can either live the American dream or we can live the American reality. What I mean is, you can connect with real people, invest in healthy relationships or you can live a dream that doesn’t change lives and only manifests selfish desires.

A wonderful example of this is from one of my favorite movies- Les Miserables. This movie has such profound truths and gives such a clear picture of what a life that has been truly blessed and changed, looks like.

Against all odds, the main character Jean Valijean who is an ex-convict is shown kindness from the Bishop. After Jean steels from Bishop he is caught and brought to the Bishop. Bishop gives him what he stole and additional items.

Bishop says to Jean “don’t ever forget it, you’ve promised to become a new man. ” Jean says “promise, why are you doing this?” His response “Jean Valijean, my brother You no longer belong to evil with the silver, I bought your soul.  I’ve randsomed you from fear and hatred. Now I give you back to God.”

purposeful giving

This story makes me wonder what life would be like if we acted with this kindness towards every human being.  What if we met people with their deepest needs in a healthy way? If after having given all we have to someone, we leave it at that. No getting even, no strings attached.

When we have reached this type of giving, we have reached to the level of blessing.
I remember listening to a speaker long ago. In her talk, she said something like “People say “bless you” but they speak empty blessings.” A blessing is something that goes beyond words or a simple gesture. A blessing is meeting a want and need that forever changes a person. Click To Tweet

In order to be purposeful and powerful in giving:

Ask yourself questions such as-

What am I able to give?
What skills can I offer?
What is the need(s) of the recipient?
What can I learn to give best to my recipient?
What sources outside of myself do I have to help contribute?
What opportunities are there to give?

Remember our end goal is to meet the need and want of our recipient. Once we have answered some of these questions we have a good idea of how we are going to meet the need and want of the individual.

I propose we get creative. Every person has the ability to be creative. I can remember a time where I rallied with a group of girls for a mission. There was a family that was in need of food and money for expenses. Not only did this bless their hearts but it caused a stirring for them to do the same and different blessings. It also drew our relationships closer. Our group started becoming like family and gave us all new ideas on how to reach people with love and kindness.

powerful givingWondering what blessings to give? Here are just a few favorite suggestions:

  • Volunteer for a charity
  • Grocery giveaways
  • Filling someone’s gas tank (especially appreciated in winter)
  • Helping introduce and welcome new people to the community
  • Letter to a depressed friend
  • Invest in a friends dream or business
  • Giving gift cards to the homeless
  • Buy and bring a coffee to a tiered and overworked mom

powerful giving

When we are willing to give, in order to bless others, it softens the heart and gives us an appreciation. Click To Tweet.  Look for opportunities to give. Don’t forget to look close. Sometimes those who need it most are some people you wouldn’t expect. They may seem perfect but people hide their sufferings and vulnerabilities.

Have an open heart, a gut that guides you in the right direction and a positive attitude with any and all purposeful giving opportunities.

Be blessed and bless others,

❤Coach Dani


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13 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why We Give With Power And Purpose

  1. Way far better than my expectation! You have listed some of the best ways we could create a little difference in someone’s life and bring happiness. Really nice one! ?

  2. This is so heartwarming and inspiring. ? I love the tips for purposely giving. I’m excited to try them. Being receptive and sensitive to other’s needs is important to effectively bless others.

  3. Thank you for your thoughtful post. Being creative in how you give is one of my favorite parts of doing board work. Giving is so much more than only time and money and I don’t know if people always step back to see what they can really contribute. I love making space for others to give based on their skills and talents.

  4. I adore this. Especially when you say “each one of us has tremendous influence and potential to transform lives.” It’s easy to feel like we have no power and our actions are insignicant. But truly, we are all capable of creatinf powerful impacts in the loves of so many people. Even with small actions. It’s important we are reminded of that and your post does such a lovely job of it! Thank you for sharing!

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