I am Enough

I am enough. You are enough.  We are enough.   With my whole heart, I mean this.  The relationship you have with yourself is utterly important. It will determine how emotionally, physically and spiritually happy you are. It will determine the path you take, as well as who you attract.

You do not have to be anyone else but you.  If you feel like you have to change for someone in order for them to accept or love you then you have already lost yourself.  Embrace the uniqueness of who you are.  Nobody in this entire world gets to be you!

Not everyone is going to like you for you and that’s okay. It’s a hard truth for the perfectionist and the people pleaser to grab ahold of.  We all have different passions, opinions, goals, and personalities.  Sadly, this can drive a wedge between people.  When we automatically judge people and don’t give them a chance, we ruin a potentially great opportunity to know them.

In my lifetime, I’ve had some pretty incredible people encourage, challenge and support me. If I hadn’t been open minded about getting to know them, despite our differences, I would have never gotten the chance to know them. They have been vital parts to my growing and maturing process. Never discount someone when you haven’t taken the time to get to know them.

Not every person deserves your attention. The start of a new friendship or relationship can be a little tricky. The key is asking good questions and seeing what they are all about.  You are enough. If any person tries to get more out of you when it goes against your values and who you are, that is a clear indication that they don’t deserve your attention.

To be fully known, understood and loved for every part of you, weaknesses and all shows the maturity of a person.  They see the positivity even in the negativity.

Not convinced? Think of one of your weaknesses. How has it worked in your favor? I’m sure that if you dig for perspective, you will find that your weakness has helped you in some way.

There is a quote by one of my new found favorite youtubers Joshua Eze. He says that “when a door closes, that is Gods redirection not rejection.” When you look at it that way, it is much easier to be grateful for the life you have now. You could have walked through a door that wasn’t at all meant for you and lived a life contrary to your values and dreams.

Someday, somehow, somewhere, somebody is going to fully embrace everything that you are. Those are the few people we want to keep close. They are not just the people that believe in what we do and stand for but most importantly they are the ones that are for us 100%. Even when we are at our worst, they stand by us, walk with us through life and believe in who we are.

You are enough, my friend. Embrace that truth. Own that truth. Carry that truth everywhere you go. Don’t just carry it for yourself either. Share this truth.  Show people this truth and demonstrate it. You and I are enough.



7 reasons why honesty is important in relationships

Honesty is essential in healthy relationships. It has the power to build, empower and grow relationships. I will be sharing with you, what I believe are 7 reasons why honesty is important in relationships.

Let’s start with the first reason. Honesty builds trust. When we are honest with one another we learn to trust. We don’t have to wonder what is being hidden or kept secret. Naturally we are at ease in our gut because we know the other person cares enough to tell us the truth.

Honesty doesn’t always feel good at the time but we can appreciate it because the person being honest is being vulnerable.  They are taking a chance at trusting you with the truth. These people understand that what they could say, has the potential to hurt the relationship. However, they care about you and want a relationship that is built on the truth.

When a relationship is built on truth it opens the door for growth. Which leads me into the second reason to why honesty is a big deal in relationships. Honesty problem solves.

Anyone who has a successful relationship knows this to be true. When we are in a relationship where two people are allowed to be honest, it gives the relationship a chance to solve problems that come up. Sometimes misunderstandings happen.  When we are honest we can work through the misunderstanding, communicate and solve the issue and be done with it.  Different perspectives can be frustrating.  However, we are all different in our views and can learn how the other person thinks.  Honesty grows the mind and heart.

The third reason honesty is important in relationships is that honesty grows our character. When we are honest we are holding people accountable for their behavior. It challenges us and encourages us to be a better human being. We become a person that thinks about our choices and how they can help or hurt the relationship and the person we care about.

Honesty gives understanding. This is so important because it will all around help us understand our past, present and future.  When we give honesty it doesn’t necessarily reap understanding right away. But when we have enough people telling us the truth it can be a great place to land. From this place we can begin to understand the situation, who we are and what needs to happen to grow each part of our life.

Honesty gives us freedom. We are free to be ourselves, when we find ourselves in relationships were we can be honest. We don’t have to worry about working hard to be accepted or appreciated for who we are. Everything is talked about and shared because we care.  We don’t have to secretly wonder if the other is annoyed or frustrated because we know they care about us enough to be honest with how they feel about us.

Honesty teaches us.  It teaches us many great lessons. It teaches us how to interact with people and choose our words wisely.  Think about it, when a little kid you know says something with an honest heart and it comes out as an insult. They aren’t trying to be mean, well most of them aren’t.  They just say the truth without thinking about how their words are going to effect the other.

The more we practice honesty, the more we learn how to be honest and use modesty with our words. We learn through experiences good and bad with those in our lives what honest words are effective in helping us to grow.

Honesty demonstrates genuine love. Healthy and wholesome families know this to be true. When you love a person, you want to protect them from the evils of the world.  We live in a world that isn’t always kind. Some people (any one who is reading this I bet can think of at least one, probably more) seek pleasure at someone else’s expense.  Those that love best are super honest because seeing them hurt and damaged is the last thing they want for them.