How to Self Care during the holiday season

If you are anything like me, you have tried just about every self care regime you can think of. How to self care during the holiday season takes intentional, consistent motivation and discipline. The more you do self care, you will exercise the discipline of it. Be patient with yourself- this could take time.

So why not start small? No need to overwhelm yourself with all the things you “oughta do” just because people or yourself expect it or because the giving makes you feel good temporarily. We want and need to feel good about ourselves. The giving we do should be an overflow.

How to properly self care:

Take a break. Whatever this may look like to you. This might mean taking a 15 minute power nap. It could mean going for a walk. Make this apart of your routine – everyday. Take a break and take a step back from all the noise and distractions.  You are too important not to make yourself a priority.

Give yourself positive affirmations. Go around your house writing positive messages about you, as an encouragement. Grab some post it notes and write down what you need to hear. Say those things out loud and believe them!

A famous motivational speaker once shared that this is what broke her out of the depression she was in. This was in the misdt of her motivational speaking career. You have too much to offer as a one of a kind individual. Don’t just waste your time not caring about yourself. Then as a result not caring or giving your best to you or someone else.

Give after you have received. No it’s not selfish…just in case you were wondering. How do you expect to give if you haven’t first taken the time for yourself? You can’t give something that you don’t have. No fake substitutions help anyone. They just feed other problems.

It’s like if you haven’t taken the time for a full night of sleep- the chances of you acting like a grump are slightly high. That is, unless you are one of those rare types that don’t need much sleep. Your body isn’t fully ready or functioning at your normal speed.

Invest in you. Do something healthy that sets your soul on fire. This could change with time and circumstances. Look for opportunities to invest in your well being. Set up a time to go to the gym or fun workout class. Spend the afternoon reading a good book. An even better option- learn a new dance at the nearest studio. Yep, you active readers know that I have to talk about dancing in almost every blog😉

Whatever gives you joy and makes you feel alive from the inside out, are things that are important. These things need to be put into your schedule.  I don’t care how many excuses you have. If you need to completely re-do your schedule to fit in- do it. The people that surround you should care about you and your well being. Ask for support in this journey.

Nobody in this entire world gets to be you. Take full advantage and go be your awesome self. Read, write, dance, laugh, chat, run, walk, relax.

Be blessed and bless others,

❤Coach Dani